Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED for January / February 2019 Training!



Bryce Canyon. Isn’t the place where they have a sign saying something like “Welcome to Bryce Canyon, it’s a hell of a place to lose a cow”?


I love how so many of the younger users are just waiting for the chance to apply :calmwolf:


Aye, that’s kinda cool


Same here lol, I almost spend three hours everyday on wattpad-maybe more!

I’m totally addicted to wattpad


Lol, for many of us it seems like 4 hours is nothing


Wattpad has consumed us all! Lol!


Ahhh, though none of us care :’)
We are all just like… *shrug * okay


I was saying to myself before 4 years, that I will leave wattpad cz takes my time a lot. Here we are, it past 6 years-will be 7 this year :joy: I’m still here , but this time trying to stop the users that want to leave


I wouldn’t doubt it (Google search says–YES)! Breathtaking scenery. So many things can be lost in Bryce Canyon. Your breath. A cow. The internet…


Guess Internet is the most important one :joy::joy::joy:


Couldnt resist


Lol :joy::joy: beautiful cow!


Easy. Breezy. Beautiful. Cover Cow.


I love it. I was like… where can I heard that before… and then I realized, lol


Omg, she’s beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Such majestic. Many divine.


Honestly, why am I looking at this gif and silently singing “work, cover girl, work it girl, give a twirl”?


Because it fits PERFECTLY


Gotta love that cow kinda reminds me of that Prince Charming clip from Shrek :joy:

Cows aside, I’ve applied again this time and am keeping my fingers crossed - I figure never give up and always go for great opportunities ^-^

I’m curious about the new Outreach team - what kinds of things do the current Outreach ambassadors do? :slightly_smiling_face:


In my application, I put down that I want to choose which team to work with after training. But I have always been helping the undiscovered community in terms of giving advice or sharing their works and helping a few of them get started. Maybe they try to get the new folks on the website/app find their way around the site and get comfortable with what Wattpad has to offer.