Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED for January / February 2019 Training!



A lot of it is simply talking to folks who’ve just started writing and pointing them in the direction of useful resources, or giving them useful tips on how to get going on Wattpad etc

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lol @ everyone who was talking about being addicted to Wattpad… the ambassador app asks how much time you spend on Wattpad and I always underestimate because just yesterday I was active for nearly 5 hours and had it open on my laptop or my phone all day

My name is Xenoclea and I’m a Wattpad addict.


monotonous voice Hi Xenoclea


Honestly tho I’m happy I’m addicted to this site because it encourages me to read and write and be creative and make really wonderful friends

The only side effects are staying up too late and gathering seven thousand new story ideas I’ll never have the time to write lol


Wattpaddicts anonymous


That sounds like fun! I put down the same answer on mine because I think I’d enjoy several positions but after training I might could narrow it down to one.

Moderating looks like an interesting job because you can help keep the community safe and kind for others but I don’t think I’m mean enough to mod XD (No offense, moderators are wonderful people, I’m just like avoiding confrontation and prefer talking and helping :sweat_smile: )


Dont call us mean :yum:


I think that @sarakbeeksma was talking about mental strength here, Omi :slight_smile: Since she has stated in the next line that-

It takes a lot of courage to confront people and mod the threads. And I appreciate all that the Community mods do to keep the site clean and tidy =]


I know I know! I meant it as a joke :wink:

@sarabeeksma :heart:


Gav, if we are selected to join the training, if we have chosen Engagement Ambassador in the form and after the training we want to change it maybe. Can we do that?


I can answer that since I asked the same question before I joined. Yes. You can change positions within the ambassadors if you decide the one you signed up for just isn’t a fit for any reason.


Wow congrats for being an amb! I just saw ur profile has changed lol :slight_smile:

And thanks for answering =]


Thanks :smiley: I just graduated from the training a week or two ago so still very new to my mod powers lol but it’s not that much different then being a user really.


The form gives me a rough idea of what people are aspiring to, but if after you’ve done training there’s another available role that you’ve decided appeals to you more then I’m certainly not going to force anyone to do something that’d make them less happy. Ambassadors are volunteers, and I need to try and keep them engaged and happy. If I start pushing people around all that’ll happen is that I’ll lose people from the team and that’s not something I want.


I submitted just recently and hoping to hear some good news. :slight_smile:

I would also love to become an Ambassador in order to help out the community some more. I was worried about the fact that I didn’t really express my preference for one of the four groups but I guess it doesn’t matter much! I feel like I could fit into each and every one of them.

Also, I spend loads of time on Wattpad binge-reading xD It’s my second home :house_with_garden: So 4 hours sounds like easy-peasy Mac and Cheesy.

When are we going to know whether we were accepted, is there a message arrival deadline?


I think usually shortly after the submissions close or whenever @TheOrangutan has finished looking through them. But you only get a message if you’ve been accepted.


Thanks for your speedy reply! I have read it says that submissions close late December/early January 2019 so I suppose that in case of acceptance the message will arrive around that time at the very latest!


Yes. If you’ve not had a PM from me on Wattpad by mid January then it’s unlikely you’ve been accepted for the next round of training. But, we do run training every 4 months so if you don’t get in this time please do reapply as our needs change as the business changes so there’s always another chance

So Wattpad Wants to Charge Readers?

Thank you for the confirmation. It’s great that one can reapply every 4 months! :keyboard:


This is only my second time trying but I’m 100% going to keep putting my name in until I get in or until you guys tell me to stop lol because I really want to be a part of the team.