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Thanks Gav! =]


I spent almost 4-5 hours a day. Like literally people always on their phone to check their twitter and Instagram and here I am checking my phone just for Wattpad all the time :joy:. Wattpad is always great! I’m totally hooked and engaged in Wattpad so yeah its my bae!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


lol. 5 hours are rookie numbers. Try 16 hours a day…


Agree with you, Jesse :slight_smile:


Yeah, the app is handy, especially if you have inconsistent notifications nearly 24/7 lol


I don’t get delayed notifications. With my timezone, I get notifications all the time since my demographics are many from India and America.

I can;t be awake all the time to respond to all of them :joy:

However, I always have the knack for seeing all my notifications as they come up, no mater what time (including when I wake up and randomly check phone while being awake for 20 mins due to my random sleeping patterns :wink: ).


Oh… My bad. I misunderstood your answer. Sorry.


No probs my friend :slight_smile:

I just happen to be very active and get notifications all the time, especially since I’m an active reader and read about 10 books at once and can retain everything :wink:


Lol I think today I’m going to actually track how much time I spend on Wattpad just to see lol


This is why I never use the App. It would send me into 10-hours-on-Wattpad days :joy:


If you’re like me and have the app…it’s probably about 23 hours a day :sweat_smile:


I think i’m gonna reached that limit soon because I constantly check and on my wattpad all the time. As for today Since morning until now i can say I spent my time on wattpad like almost 10 hours. Gonna make my goals a bit higher next time!


I was on for about 6 hours yesterday lol


I deep sleep for 3 hours a day.

I always casually check for notifications and messages since I interaction with a lot of people from time to time.

Since NaNo though, I’ve barely checked, especially the threads since I’ve lost complete interest here.


have you applied to be an amb? I could see you being one :relaxed:


Thanks, but it doesn’t really interest me at this point of time.

Maybe during my winter. Summer is way too busy for me :confused:


I have my time split between two accounts so I’m on Wattpad a lot but I have my phone logged into my fanfic account since it remains more active, and I get on this account on web/computer.


I have Wattpad almost constantly open on my phone or laptop :flushed: it’s not possible to be addicted to a certain website, right?


Nahhh XD


I always have it logged in. It’s easy as to check everything on phone in a couple of seconds when I need to fill in a minute. It’s not hard.

And the fact I get notifications at any hour of the day too. Probably makes some people wonder if I sleep at all lol