Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED for January / February 2019 Training!



Same here, Jesse :slight_smile: I’m notified till 11 pm and then I switch off my mobile network. Listen to music on my cellphone while working at night on Wattpad.


We do a similar thing. I only check things when I take breaks from writing (like now).


is this… the Fabio Of Cows? :joy:


is it possible to ask how many applications you’ve received so far? my engineer mind wants to calculate some odds, lol


about 1100 so far. we get up to 1400 per 4 months


impressive! challenge accepted :smile: thanks for the response!


Out of curiosity, what are the odds that you’ve come up with?


i actually can’t calculate accurate odds based on how many applicants alone are expected. that’s only one variable in the equation.

so i had to take some wild assumptions based on the fact that it makes sense for the full stats to be a Best Kept Secret (and actually something interesting for the future Data Ambassadors to consider). i assumed that the total 1,400 applications are for all global Ambassadors and that since the English version of the site seems to be the one with the most users, it’s pretty safe to consider that at minimum half of the total applications are aspiring to the English speaking Ambassador roles. then we have to consider that there are five Ambassador categories open, but as far as i know it’s undisclosed how many positions they expect to fill in for each, i took the wild leap of assuming ten new Ambassadors per category. plug that into a calculator and i get:


keep in mind this is all based on more assumptions than facts! i had a bit more facts for calculating the Wattys odds and those were a looooot worse, i think i calculated something like 1:1,600 or so, lol.

imma take my nerd self away now :crazy_face:


Dear All,

This is just a quick note to let you know that Submissions to join the Ambassadors will be closing at the end of the year to allow us to train up a new batch of Ambassadors in late January / early February. If you’re interested in joining the team, please review the information here - - have a look at see what role on the team would interest you, and then submit to join up.

No need to reapply if you’ve already filled in a submission.

If you have any questions on the Ambassador program, please do feel free to send me a message or reply to this post.

Cheers, Gav


I submitted :slight_smile:


Hi there, I have a question. On the application it says to put where you live. I spend a third of each year in one country and the rest in another, so should I just put where I am now or both?


Just your current stay. :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Can we broadcast this from our profiles with the relevant edits, Gavin?


I’ve asked the various Ambassador profiles to do broadcasts to do that, and it’s probably best that the various ‘official’ accounts do that so they can field any questions if need be. But thank you for the offer.


Oh no. I really wanna know what the data ambassadors do. Pleeease :3


Me too


Ikr? I was wondering about it too.


I like helping newcomers too.


I hope you’ll get accepted, Evelyn. You would make a great amb :heart: