Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED for January / February 2019 Training!



That’s great! Good luck on your journey!!


There’s some more info on the different types of Ambassadors, and their roles here if you’re interested -


Couldn’t you get any data ambassador over here so that people would get a first-hand knowledge of the data team? Please?


Nabeela I manage the team, if people have questions they can ask me, but the role changes project by project and some projects we can’t share info on until they’re finished and then the whole platform gets to know. If I give a link like that, people can have a look at the info, then they can ask questions, that’s kinda how it works.


Hmm… Agree with you, Gavin.


Awwie thank you Ellen <3 That’s so sweet of you! Will you be applying as well? If so, fingers crossed!!!


No problem ^-^
I’m thinking about it. I haven’t decided yet. Thanks!


Thank you!


I believe you would do a great job, too! You are quite friendly, easy going and incredibly responsible.

Throw in the application, it’s free! :wink:


Agree with @EvelynHail :slight_smile: I see no harm in filling the ambassadors application. You are nice, kind and a lovely person. And you like helping others :slight_smile:


Thanks, you two @EvelynHail @Nablai
I’ve been going through tough times that’s why I may not be able to apply this round.
But you guys made me feel better today. Thank you :’)


Just giving panda hugs to cheer you up :hugs:


So sorry to hear that, Ellen :sweat:

Sending kittens your way.


@EvelynHail AWW. These are the cutest hugs ever x3
Thanks, you guys :3


Just to note when something is pinned it means the thread stays up ‘important’ so no need to bump :wink:


Oh… I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info, Angel :slight_smile:

@PCastasus Can you please delete my post #157, Paulina? Thanks =]


I applied too! I hope to become one :blush:


No prob and also you can just dump your comment (from the ‘…’ click the trashcan symbol) instead of tagging :sweat_smile: But that’s up to you


I know that Angel :wink: Thanks for the help =]


I have applied over and over again since 2011, still not a amabassdor but I just keep reapplying. Hopefully this time I can become one and help more other wattpadders out. :grinning: