Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED!


Thank you!


My fourth time as well and I forgot to add in the form that I’m a regular at the forums :joy:


Aw, me too :sweat_smile: I mean, I’m on here a lot anyway, so they probably already know.

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Hi @TheOrangutan ,

When filling in the form, you need to tick a specific team you want to be part of. Does it mean that if selected, the person is automatically designed to be part of this team or can he/she change his/her mind after training?

Also, if the person completes the full cycle as an ambassador, can he/she opt to continue being an ambassador or do they have to apply again?

If allowed to continue being part of the program, can they ask to be part of another team or do they need to be in the one they were previously selected for?

Thanks in advance. :blush:



There’s always room for people to change their mind, but that part of the form is there to make sure people think seriously about which part of the team they want to join. There are some terms where we’re looking mainly for people to help in Content for example, so I’d be looking hard at those who’ve selected that they’re interested in that role.

We work on a 4 month term. At the end of that term the entire team is ‘opted out’. But, if they want to continue on for another term, all they have to do is say “Yes, I want to carry on” and we happily keep them going on for another term.

During the opt out, we also give people the chance to change teams if they wish to.

Hope that helps a bit =]

Cheers, Gav


Thanks! It helps a lot actually! :blush:

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Good luck everyone!


All the very best to all applicants. I was a brand ambassador to The job did not earn me a salary. So lost interest in the role. :frowning:


I was wondering, what kind of skills do you need for each positions?

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Good luck to all applicants.

As a Wattpad :wattpad: user and forum user, thank you for helping us make a Better community.


What did you do as a brand ambassador for Sweek? What did the role entail?

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We train you up for each role, so you don’t need any skills as such other than to be able to use a computer and/or mobile device, know how to use Wattpad and be a positive member of the Wattpad community.


Being an Ambassador is voluntary work too. You can read here for more info-


I just googled it and that is on their website

Pretty much like engagement amb here


On the About Us page of Sweek, you come across this info-


We are proud to have a great network of Sweek ambassadors, or how we call them, Sweek Keepers. Lovers of stories who spread the word about Sweek in their countries and always give fellow readers and writers a helping hand. Thank you all! Want to become a Sweek Keeper? Contact us at support[at]

Clicking on their FAQ link, you can read this-

Who are Sweek Keepers and how do I become one?

Sweek Keepers help Sweek to become a global community by assisting with organising competitions and events and even helping us spot the best stories. They are also always there for you for any questions and feedback about Sweek.

If you wish to become a part of the Sweek Keepers team, make new friends and gain some awesome experience as a brand ambassador, get in touch with us via support[at]

Just like the Wattpad Ambassadors.

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Same time, Mat. I skimmed their pages for the info


Lost interest because you didn’t get anything? Do you even understand volunteerism man?


I am a sweek keeper and I must tell you, just like being a wattpad ambassador, it is worthwhile - to help a community of writers is a very noble thing to do.

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Ok. Yes thats true


Working for Wattpad too is a volunteer position. :smiley: You can read more about it here or check out the first post.

As far as I’m aware, few ambassador/moderator jobs for online sites such as Sweek and Wattpad are paid.

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