Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now CLOSED!


Here is proof for what I did:

WRIPE-1 or Writing Project-1 organized on January 2018 by me, focusing on World Holocaust Day.

WRIPE-2 or Writing Project-2 organized in February 2018 by me, focusing on World Mother Language Day.

(A Sweek user called Alpha Write joined that Writing Project also. If that Sweek user happens to be this same person called Let Alpha Write who has left the comment in this thread, “Lost interest because you didn’t get anything? Do you even understand volunteerism man?” I sincerely regret ever offering this person a chance to participate in the project. As I remember that e-book of the Sweek user was featured in my promotional videos and blog posts also. Nice way of remembering history and saying thanks.

Preparations for WRIPE-3 or Writing Project-3 organized in March 2018 by me, focusing on World Water Day, Forest Day, Meteorology Day and Day of Happiness.

Culmination of WRIPE-3 or Writing Project-3 organized in March 2018 by me, focusing on World Water Day raising awareness among the international community about Nature-based solutions. (You can enjoy the promotional videos on youtube)

Culmination of WRIPE-4 or Writing Project-4 organized in June 2018 by me, focusing on World Asteroid Day (You can enjoy the promotional videos on youtube)

Guest blog on behalf of Sweek:

In addition to this I published small handbooks in Sweek, guiding the new comers around the platform, helping them to promote their books, etc.

There are lot of other things I did for Sweek. Will tell you later on.

Seeing that Sweek has not realized the true meaning of WRIPES I left them. I don’t want brand ambassador labels to do this work.

In Wattpad I have launched my WRIPE-5.

This is open for you everyone guys. But not for those who do not remember history.


I want to apply to join Wattpad Ambassadors. But I am not 18 yet. I will be 18 this year on July. Right now, I just want to stretch my age. But I can’t. :confused::neutral_face::sob::joy:


We’ll have another training session later in the year, so you can apply for that one =]

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Thank you so much. :heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

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@TheOrangutan I have a question, I’ll be 18 in the coming month but am not yet. Can I still apply for the program? (from my main account)
I’m asking this question from this account because wattpadwriters isn’t working for the other one yet


I had joined wattpad clubs last year and I was pretty much active during that time in 2018. It was probably May-June. But then I had to take a break and now when I am back, it’s showing my joining date Jan 29. Why is that? Am I missing something? Because of this, I am not able to fulfill the criteria of a minimum of 6 months is the community.


Yes, you can apply now. The submission will take account of your age when you’re due to join the training, not your age when you fill in the form

Cheers, Gav

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must admit I have no idea on that one. But it’s the date you joined Wattpad, not the date you joined the forums that will register on your submission


Then I should be eligible, thank you so much :slight_smile:




So, curious question, lets say someones been on Wattpad a long time but they had made a new account about a month ago and their not using/active on their old one, does that mean they still hace to wait for the 6 month mark.

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I just passed the form

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It’s taken from the account you apply with. So if you apply with a new account then that’s the account that will register your submission.

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Hey Gav, if you change your username after signing up under the old one, is it enough to notify the ambassadors or is a new application recommended? I know there are a huge number of submissions judging from previous threads so I don’t expect you guys to remember that information if it isn’t logged in some way.


If anyone changes their name after they fill in a submission then the only way I’ll know is if they tell me, and there’s a little note in the submissions form cautioning against a username change for that very reason. If you do change your name though, all you have to do is drop me a note and I can alter the submission accordingly.

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Ah okay thanks. I thought you might be overwhelmed with the volume of submissions. I had to revert and refrain from the name change earlier due to ONC 2019 and I forgot to do so prior submissions. I humbly offer :peanuts: as tribute. I will leave you a PM concerning the change.


we do get a lot of submissions, but I can always find a few seconds for a minor change like that, not a problem

Cheers, Gav


Totally unrelated to this topic, but just wanted to clarify-

Regarding the ONC 2019, you are free to change your username. Please PM the Open Novella Contest profile stating that you’ve changed your username. Make sure to tell them your old username too, so that they can identify your story and make the necessary corrections.

All the best for your story :slight_smile:

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Yeah I know thanks, I was refraining from giving them extra work to do :smiley: But its no worries now I didn’t submit for round two.

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I’m sorry. I didn’t know that. Happy writing :slight_smile:

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