Submissions to join the Wattpad Ambassadors are now OPEN!

What is the training session like?? And is it time consuming??


Obviously not Gavin - but if you applied for one team but find another more your style, it’s allowed to switch. You can also switch after having been trained and then train when the new training cycle starts.

It’s not. It’s mostly a lot of reading for the initial training. I can only speak about Community Ambassador training, but that’s also not very time consuming. It’s taken into consideration that people also have lives outside Wattpad :slight_smile:


That’s great!! :blush: What about before being accepted or invited into training?

Say hypothetically, if I clicked on my application that I was interested in the outreach team or the community team, but when it came to looking at my application the team I ended up selecting was already full, would my application still be considered as a possibility for another team even though it hadn’t been indicated on the form? Or would it be passed over since the team I indicated interest in was full? Is the team we express interest in simply that, an interest, and has no sway over the applicants that get selected?

Sorry, I don’t know if I’m doing a good job at wording what I’m thinking :see_no_evil:


Hmmm, that I actually don’t know. That’s definitely more a @TheOrangutan kind of question :smile:


We look at people first. If you have a skillset that fits what we’re looking for but you’ve applied for a role that may be full then we may drop you a PM and ask you if you’d be willing to do another role. And as Fray has noted you’re not pinned to the role you’ve applied with as people often do training and find something else may appeal more


Thank you for all your help @AWFrasier :grin: I’m conflicted about which I want to express interest in, so knowing it’s not a final decision definitely helps.

That is great to know, thank you for clarifying :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s definitely not a final decision since. You can always switch teams should you find something more to your liking. :smile:

And just like Gavin said, if you have a matching skillset, but it appears that the team you’re applying for is full, you might be asked if you’d be willing to join another team.
Good luck with your application :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you, Flora! :blush:


When will you receive a PM if your application was successful? I applied a few days ago. Also, I’ve gained followers, and need to change the amount from nine to fourteen @TheOrangutan


Don’t worry about the changes in followers, that’s not a problem, it’s just so we have a rough idea. You’ll get a PM from me by the end of January if you’ve been successful. Cheers, Gav


Is the 6 months thing necessary?I have been on wattpad for around 2 years but my this account will turn 6 months old in January. So…?


Yes, we set certain conditions, but if you’ve had other accounts on Wattpad then please note that in your submission and we can take that into account


Thank you for announcing this! I’ve submitted my application. Fingers crossed this is the year.

Best wishes to all who apply :hearts:


Thank you for taking ur time and replying!!


Anytime :smile:

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How do you apply to be an Ambassador? And is it okay that I’ve only been on for a couple months?


There’s instructions in the post at the top with a link, but you need to have been on Wattpad for 6 months before applying please.


End of January? Good to know! I think I read somewhere that successful applicants would be notified end of November. That must be the wrong info.


So I’m a dual majoring college student at Michigan Tech and I am currently thinking about picking up a masters in Data Science after I finish my two undergraduates. I am extremely fascinated by how Wattpad is using machine learning, especially after I realized that was how Wattpad Books found my book and decided to publish it. I was wondering how much an ambassador on a data team actually works with things like algorithms and the machine learning tech Wattpad uses. I’ll admit, I don’t know a lot about data science yet, but I am interested in learning. Also, would such positions be open to people who don’t live near Wattpad HQ?


Hi! I can’t answer the data part of your question, but the ambassadors are worldwide and located in many countries. Being near Wattpad HQ/ any form of travelling definitely isn’t a requirement :blush: There’s some further information in the FAQ section of the Ambassador Program book on the @Ambassadors profile here :smile: