Submitting to Wattpad itself for consideration?

I’m sure this question has been answered before (I’m assuming) so if there is a link to info about this that would be great (or, if someone wants to directly answer, that’s certainly fine as well, perhaps preferable).

Is there a way to submit a story to Wattpad itself to be considered for either its paid-story program (I’m not sure how that works, but I know I can find info on that myself) or to be considered as something that could be adapted into a streaming series or other filmed-entertainment project? I was checking around a bit and could not find an email or form. I do find the site difficult to navigate somewhat, so I know it’s probably out there, I’m just not seeing it.

Another question, too, is: Are there any forums that industry users frequent such that I could link back to a story I’m working on that I feel pretty good about? (I’m assuming, by the way, people without accounts can read the stories here, or do you have to login?)


Yes, there currently is. On the writers portal, at the bottom it mentions there’s a place to pitch the story.

For quick access, though, the pitching link is in this post: Wattpad Next Beta Applications and Featuring Update ft Nick

On the application, there should be a post to list all of the things you’d like to be considered for.

If you’re entering the Wattys, there’s also a spot on that form to put in all the things you’d like to be considered for.

As for showing your story to industry users on the forums, no, there isn’t. The forums are for discussions. You can discuss your novel, but you cannot advertise it outside of the #share-your-story category.


MakaylaSophia, thank you for your great response (I have noted it for reference). As for the above point, please forgive me, I read what I asked and now realize I accidentally misled you…here’s what I really mean to ask:

If I’m on a discussion board that is not related to Wattpad and not on Wattpad itself, something that is on another website, can I link back to my story and can people read it without signing up and logging in? As an example, let’s say I am on a collaboration forum and I say, hey, I wrote a story at Wattpad, here is the link, see if you’d like to make a short film from it, is that possible? And then I wanted to know if anyone here knows of any good non-Wattpad forums for me to do that. I may sign up for the Daisie collaboration app, for instance, to try this, but if anyone uses any better apps, or knows of places where one can freely advertise a story, it would be great to know about them (I’m not on any social media, so I can’t do it that way).

Thanks again, I appreciate it…

I’d love to see an ask me anything thread from either a published author who found success through WP, or from a company rep from another publishing house. I can understand why WP wouldn’t do it now with their own publishing house being released, but it would be cool to see something similar in the forums.


It’s no problem, I’m happy to help!

If I remember correctly, most people would need to be signed up to Wattpad to seamlessly access the content. Usually when they click the story link, a pop up will ask them to register.

I’m not sure about other critique sites, unfortunately. I usually do critiques between my peers and haven’t used other forums to connect with them.

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They have to create an account and sign in.

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