Suggest some undiscovered stories!


I’m looking to read some stories that aren’t as popular here on Wattpad. These are the ones that don’t have millions of reads or 500k+ reads.

If you have any in mind, let me know! Hopefully with everyone sharing these stories, it’ll help these authors gain more readers / fanbase.

I’ll start off with my undiscovered story recommendation!

Personally, I love everything @londonlocket writes. But I especially love these three stories of hers: Bubble Wrap, I See You, and her most recent work, Can You See Me in the Dark? Here are the links to them:

Bubble Wrap:

I See You:

Can You See Me in the Dark?:

I personally like Teen Fiction, Romance, and Mystery/Thriller on this site but you can recommend anything :slight_smile:

P.S.: You can recommend your own work as long as it’s under 500k reads!

Edit: Thank you all for the recommendations!! Please continue to recommend more books!

If I haven’t added your story to my reading list – I’m sorry!! It’s either in a genre I’m personally not a fan of or I wasn’t intrigued by it. I’m sure others will love your works, though! And good luck!


Hey! I totally get you,

Is it okay if i recommend my own story? And of course i’ll recommend some more undiscovered stories.


Yeah of course!!

is it bad that I wanna suggest mine? lol


I think you have to put this in the “share your story” thread

No, not at all!

I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to posts topics there :joy:

that’s what most people do. And likely a mod will come and fix it for you if you don’t do it.

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I would suggest mine but they’re undergoing editing season with barely any chapters so…
Hero by @Moppsie
Or Upside Down by @lastredhotswami

And yeah, share your story seems like the better category.


I’m just not sure how? Like, I go on the share your story page and when my mouse hovers over the new topic option, it shows I can’t post

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Title: Sparks that can Kill

Story Details: a heartbroken and scarred Eveline has a hard time falling in love again. She states because of the lack of knowledge that humans have about their future and what fate holds for them, she cannot trust that every guy that comes her way will be the one. She stores all of her emotions, struggles, hardships, and joy in her little journal. Eveline accidentally leaves her journal at a coffee shop and only waits for the worst.

But a guy decides to show her not every day of her life will be doom and gloom. Not every dream she has will fail and there will be a guy she will meet who will move her heart. He does this with small cute notes and sparks that literally almost kills her.

also check out @cityvogues she has amazing stories! <3

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I would like to recommend my book Discover Soulmate
SummaryTen thousand years from now, exists a world where people are born with a true soulmate. Each soulmate is born with a tattoo of a stranger’s name on their wrist but is visible once one turns the age of sixteen.

Imogen is struggling with conforming to society’s rules, wants to control her life as she wants and not have to deal with the burden of marriage. Once she turns sixteen, she starts to learn more about the secrets of her family, strange things start happening and she begins to question everything upon her future.
I also enjoy @cmroth76 books too!


Oof, I’m not sure ive never started a post on here. But likely someone will come and fix it when they see its in the wrong category.

Anyway, I wanted to share my own story and then another person’s story.

Title: Free Falling

Wendy lives in a world where most are unaware of metahumans, people with extraordinary abilities. The government knows and has kept it a secret. Not all have the same level of power and those who do live longer.

She’s one of them. People in her community are wary of her. A person long ago had a vision and said that she’d have multiple abilities, a rare thing. Occasionally there are those who have two. For this, power-hungry metas have tried to take her and use her as a weapon. They’ve all failed so far.

Victor, another meta and ward of Wendy’s dead aunt, comes to live with Wendy’s family. Not long afterward, a successful kidnapping occurs. All goes downhill, a web of secrets unraveling itself.

Together, they try to discover what’s been lost and what’s to come.

Title: Claws of Eternity:

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If you’re fine with reading mature stories, I’m currently writing one that is a paranormal romance story mixed with some mystery and crime :purple_heart:

Title: A Deadly Game
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Crime, Mystery
Short summary: Two detectives must try to not only solve a series of grisly murders, but also stop the killer from choosing his next victim. Little did they know that they will find themselves caught in a web of lies, passion, and in the eyes of the killer.


Here is a story I just started. I’m a new writer, hoping people enjoy it.

Give Me A Reason.

Tragedy. Death. That is all Ryder knows. She thinks that Sloane is her future, but when tragedy strikes again what does Ryder do? She runs leaving him in the past. Turning to a life of struggle and solitude. But that doesn’t stop him from constantly running through her head, even after all these years. Where is he now? A new hot and rising baseball star. Living his dream, while hers turned to dust. So when they run in to each other again, at the last place either would expect. They assume it’s fate. Too much time has passed between them, guilt and lies buried beneath the facade. Should they stay or continue to leave the past where it belongs, for the sake of both their hearts. Somehow, they have lost their way, but maybe this is where they find it.

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Hi! Here’s mine:

Title: Love is Black and White

Description: The aspiring writer Leon has an old and secret love for his best friend Jade. Frustrated by reality, he writes a book with two versions of the same story: his real friendship with her and the love story created by his own mind.


Hope you like it! :blush:

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Hello @toastedcheerios! I just started my story here. Can you please check it out?

Title: Ice and Fire
Genre: Romance / Werewolf / Fantasy / Mystery
Link to the story: Ice and Fire

Short summary:
“They submit to me. They always do. Don’t be naive and think you are an exception.”


Fierce warrior was what she was called. They knew her as a dedicated and justice-loving leader. She was like ice. Always calm and collected.

The ferocious killer was what he was called. They didn’t know he existed unless he was killing them. He was like a fire. Always burning the things that came in contact with him.

In the battle of these two, will this ice tame that fire or will that fire consume this ice?

Remark: The story is about a stubborn female who finds herself in a certain predicament which consists of a dark and dominating man. Thank you for considering our requests! It would mean a lot to have your opinion.

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Hey I can recommend Upside Down by @lastredhotswami and Catch Scratch Fever by @MaskedParkers.

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Here’s my gargantuan novel recommendation!

Main Genre: Dark Fantasy (esp. Dreampunk, Magical Girl, Vampire).
Sub Genres: Action, Thriller, LGBT.

Rating: Mature.
Warnings: sexuality, violence, emotional trauma, bodily harm (marked with *), self-harm (marked with **).

Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of high school magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes. Out of this dream of Carroll’s wonderlands and Poe’s nightmares comes a monster that threatens to invade the waking world. Their promise forms the opening act of a play they can’t stop, so to prevent this monster’s debut into their world, they must play their parts to the end at all hazards to their lives. If you love quirky magical girls, bloodthirsty femme fatales, fight scenes, love scenes, twisty plot lines, fantastic settings, the possibility of dreams, and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.


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