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Hi, I don’t know who to tag about this but saw that someone tagged @gabby for reporting underage users.

I have a suggestion for PMs. I recently saw that someone on Wattpad who had added my books to their reading list mentioned on their conversation wall that they’d received hate messages via PM. I wanted to suggest a function where people had to request to PM before actually sending a message - something which we, as users, could accept or deny.

I was thinking this could prevent spam/scams and hate messages. So far I’ve received one scam message, no hate messages and the rest have all been fine, from users I’ve been chatting to.

Could this be looked into and possibly be made into a feature? :blush:

I mean, I don’t mind this idea at all. The only problem I have is that:

-Some users don’t allow or accept PMs from people

-Some users don’t even answer their PMs or reply back to them at all.

Nonetheless, it still is a good suggestion.

I’m also going to tag some people.

Check this suggestion out!



How would you know whether to accept or deny? What if you deny, thinking it’s spam, but it turns out the user wanted to PM you to tell you that you won in an unofficial writing contest or something? Some people could end up denying all the messages, too, and end up alienating their readers. Though, I bet those people would also end up leaving messages on read… Your suggestion seems simple in theory but the execution of it needs work. It’s way too subjective and there are so many scenarios where it could go wrong. Like what if I see a strange user wanting to message me and I say no but that user wanted to tell me that my story is being plagiarized by another user? Maybe that user that wanted to message me was a silent reader, too, so I’ve never seen their username before. What then? I hope this helps!


Maybe when asking to PM someone, they have to fill out a short answer of what the message is in regards to. Not that people wouldn’t lie or anything though. Haha


I don’t dislike the idea, my only question is: why? Is the end result really worth the work that would go into it?

My thought process is that there really isn’t much of a difference between me ignoring and/or deleting messages and me “denying” message requests using this new system. I’m still putting in the same effort, I’m still seeing that person come across my inbox somewhere.

I wouldn’t mind it if they did it, I just don’t think it’s worth the effort.

This is a good point as well. If they have to request before being able to type a message, we don’t know the meaning of the message. If they can message and we just have to accept/deny like Facebook, then the message gets to us regardless.


I wouldn’t mind being able to have group messages via PM…

Not that that’s exactly related

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They have the technology for this apparently but in form of private profiles. Wattpad has tasted private profiles. But they never offered it to public so I am assuming it’s still at experiment stage or shelved experiment stage. I would love it if we had this safety net of choosing who can see our profiles like twitter and Facebook do. It would keep so many people safe so unless we check the person’s profile and choose to interact with them we won’t receive any communication. I wish one day comes when we can choose private profiles for our safety or innocence of our eyes… Some profiles are pretty explicit.

@TheOrangutan stated that they’re never going to roll out this feature nor plan on doing so.


Yeah nah, I hate that function on all other sites. If someone is sending me hate, I’ll report and mute.

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Wouldn’t that hurt getting readers though? :thinking: A reader’s read one of your books, wants to read the next but can’t go to your profile to see it because the whole thing’s private. Sounds like a way to drive people away from you and your books.


What if someone used the site as a reader only?

Then there would be no books to find.

Anyways, this feature won’t happen.


That’s true, but if it was a feature, you know some writer is going mark it private and then complain about no one reading their stuff.

I know.


Well, then that writer would have no right to complain.


Well. They have the technology to give users control to protect themselves. It seems it’s an already available feature Wattpad has chosen not to use.

If someone is not acting dodgy we will approve them. It’s just like twitter and Instagram… but you are right. It can lose us readers but some of us choose privacy and safety over reads. But surely it will impact visibility but to be fair visibility is low right now for most of us anyways. So won’t make much difference.

I guess I just don’t understand it. I’ve never put overly private things on my profile so I don’t worry about safety here. Unlike twitter and Instagram, we don’t use this to post about our daily lives and selfies and so on. And how would you approve them? Most readers prefer to be silent, they’d have to make a request showing and then they’re not silent anymore, most might not want to do that. And if they do, what if their profile is private too? How would you know if they’re acting ‘dodgy’ or not if they’re a silent reader who never spoke up on the book?

All this sounds like is a way to divide and further push the small, cliquey aspects of this site.

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Well. I see private features on Facebook, twitter and Instagram and like it… I guess in my view it’s possible. Because we approve and if someone sends weird messages we block them… but you have valid points. It does not eliminate core of the problem but at least it gives some people the choice to keep their work private to a group they know. Especially youngsters …

In regards to private profiles…


Well. It seems to be a closed experiment but technology is there. They can implement it if a need rises for it and too many incidents happen on Wattpad. I wish they made it optional like how social media do

As in hate messages or spam? Or is it something else?

If you check through the private profile thread, a majority of people were mainly against it. Think about the requests and such people could be sending to a Wattpad profile that’s private.

It could take someone days, weeks, or months to reply to that request, especially if it’s a big author.