Summarize Your Story in One Sentence


My mom always used to get annoyed because I’d try to talk to her about my stories and end up rambling on and on for ages so we came up with this rule where I only had one sentence to describe a story. I think that actually has turned out to be a fun/good technique and thought it might be fun to start a thread on it. Basically, summarize your story or someone else’s in one sentence. I’ll go first!

Title: Sparks Collide
Author: AIOMAS
Summary: A water princess and fire prince embark on a journey to end the war between their worlds.


Nice game. And it can be difficult, especially when there’s a lot going on in your story. but a lot of publishers ask for a pitch in the form of a one-line synopsis, so it’s a good exercise.

This is from an upcoming novel of mine…

Private investigators track a killer to Iowa at the behest of an ailing psychiatrist.


Wow this is a hard thing to do, but I also think it’s a great idea!

Fractured Red~
A shifter named Red made a terrible mistake—one which has changed her future—and as badly as she wants to change the past, her curse will forever follow her.


Keeping Faye – its gonna be epic with tears and drama.


Those Without Wings

Lost and betrayed, the princess of a race of winged people must find her way home and heal a broken kingdom, all with the help of the people who consider her their greatest enemy.


That sounds epic!


I love this :joy:


This sounds really interesting :slight_smile:


Haha the thread said one sentence only while others ended up promoting. :grin:


Ooh! I love doing this!
Here’s from an ongoing series of mine, and I simplified it as humourous as I can, haha!


Boy with terrible sense of direction is threatened by strict weirdo lady to find pieces of magical paper and defeat a supposedly other half of the boy.


Oh my gosh I laughed through this entire sentence XD


I’m glad you like it! I really like to have fun with these kinds of games!


I do too!


Title: The End of Us
Author: EdwardInzerillo
Summary: In 1953, two men are about to be executed, and one of them tries to calm down his nervous friend.


This sounds so intense!


Psycho Slums - While on the run from her own inner demons, a young police officer must track down an enigmatic serial killer in a not-too-distant future where reality is as distorted as society’s sense of morality and justice.


Mist of Doom

Eighteen year old girl and her undead papa go to hunt down an alien dragon.


Harry Potter
A young, nearly blind boy tries to find his parents ’ killer with his friends, armed only with a stick.


Haha this would have been hard had I not used the snowflake method.
Awake: A rogue prince plans to take over his father’s empire


Codename: G.E.M

A secret organization created armies of enhanced humans that are raised brutally to fight against A.I’s who’ve taken over the world.