Summarize Your Story in One Sentence


The Ice Queen- A princess tries to understand love.


Sorcery on Ice - two female friends who compete in figure skating.
Sorcery Ice Slayer - girl who skates in hopes of seeing her friend again.


Sympathy for the Devil: A girl scheduled to die meets a worse fate than she could have ever bargained for


Chosen by Fate: A Realm filled with supernatural creatures plunges into conflict, and in midst of it all is a chosen human girl with a dark, mysterious past.


The Chosen Ones: A human girl and a fire elemental-born boy are forced to fight by the goddess of destiny, but they’re in love, and try to take down the goddess instead.

Natasha Terry Is Not Special: A terrible NaNoWriMo novel about a town where everybody is special, and a girl named Natasha tries to take down an alien cult which is the cause of everybody’s specialness.


The Element of Life: Jasmine’s miserable life changes when she develops the power to bring dead things back to life.

Remember Savannah: Margo and Steve must learn to come to terms with the death of their loved one Savannah.


Rules and Guidelines of Vara Brown: A crazed pyromanic starts a killing spree to please her boyfriend.


Impossible to love: A cross-dressing human prince employs the starlite soldier he loves, who can never love him back, to fight against naked nymphs.


The Vickers: Two brothers rob, fight and possibly kill to save their sister.

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NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It’s in November and the people participating try to write 50k words, which is the length of an average novel, I guess.


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My Life as a Book -Follow the odd and funny life of a teen girl in middle school.


You’re kidding me, ri-… no? translated title: Counting Stars


Resolutions - Local human disaster bangs robot.


Title: Adventures of Prince Vajendra

A spiritual sage that hates humanity goes on adventures to relive himself of boredom and fight an evil Pharaoh that had once destroyed this world.


Title: Gray Valley

An orphan who returns to Gray Valley, becomes an Alpha of a Werewolf Pack and consequently, changes the fate of the people, forever.


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To Believe in Peter Pan
Lili ends up on Neverland only to realize she has to win the approval of Peter Pan himself or die trying.




Gallifrey’s Secret Weapon: An alien woman who serves the ultimate sucker punch of revenge through reincarnation, taking her enemies completely by surprise.