Summarize Your Story in One Sentence


Renegades: A crew of misfits in a spaceship try to save the universe from aliens, completely aware they’re in way over their heads.


Title: Ivory Black
Summary: An adopted girl trying to figure out who she is.


Title-The Fallen Tributes
Summary-A battle hardened teen fights to go home.
(Should I write this?)


Title: Authority, Order, Peace!
Author: AutoridadGlobal (Little side note, the name is a direct reference to the story, it’s spanish for “Global Authority”, which makes it a little funny when I add my name to it xd)
Summary: The world is under a global dictatorship. The characters are, for the most part, high school students trying to deal with this. And there is a also a ton of geopolitical analysis of the fictional world because why not


Title: Nevermoon and the Midnight Realm
Summary: When six teenagers find magic pendants, they are forced to stop an escaped ghostly prisoner.


Title: Law of Tyranny
Author: NotSpecified
Summary: On an alien planet, a girl exiled from earth learns the plethora of myths about a savage empress, while said empress struggles to prove the truth behind the myth.


Tilte:The Seven Seas
Summary: A siren king travels with a crew of pirates in order to find 7 items that were taken from his people.


Title: Alone With Myself and My Mind
Summary: 5 teens, 1 ghost, 1 mystery.


Title: WTCA
Summary: An alien steals a family and tries to recover a weapon it thinks they have.


Title: Broken Gods

The mortal descendants of gods (who may or may not have been aliens) could be the key to stopping eleven thousand years of peace from ending in war.


Ivory Black

Black girl adopted by white family, grows up confused by who she is.


Yikes! Here comes lots of procrastination…

Title: Beyond the Gate
Author: Jessica K. Kipping (JessicaKipping)
Summary: Drop outside the city gates, Avery must uncover her family secret and unlock her heightened abilities in order to keep her freedom.


Title: The Straddlers
Author: S-Ingrate

The entire thing is a gigantic metaphor for mental health.


Oh man… This is going to get rough!

Title: The Alphas’ Executive
Author: Thundering Love
Summary: A human female Alpha and two supernatural Alphas must learn to work together as leaders and mates as they stand at the face of an impedeing supernatural war.


Adding this to my reading list. Based on your one sentence. Good job!


This is going to tough. :’)

Title: What a Noxious Soul Wants
Author: Mishti Kundu
Summary: When Vanessa sees a death omen about her disowned cousin back in India, she knew has to save the day, knowing that the crippling darkness in her eyes won’t be much of help.


Teenage boy discovering on his year abroad that his mother was a hitman and actually should be behind bars. (title translated as somehing like “make-believe”)


Title: TBC
Summary: A princess forced into exile when her family is overthrown in a revolt must travel to the four corners of her kingdom winning back the hearts of the people while fighting against all those that still want her dead.


Oooh that’s a really interesting story idea! I might have to check it out XD


I’m not sure. There are a lot of books that have this idea, so if you’re still wondering about writing this I would first recommend figuring out what makes it “special”