Summarize Your Story in One Sentence


TITLE: Into the Realm (The Sovereign Diaries, book 1)
A girl who just wants to keep her life finds out she’s the queen of the Faeries and has to stop a war to save the people she didn’t know she had (and doesn’t particularly want).


That sounds interesting!


Title: Totally Not Gay(Unpublished)

summary: A straight American male thinks Japanese cosplayer is female and gets proven wrong one drunk night and questions everything.


Title: The Last Zones - Zone 9
If they bite you, you turn; if they scratch you, you turn; Zombie Pokemon and a meteor are dangerous, as Hendrik quickly finds out.


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Title: Shattered Crests Book #I Lines Broken
Author: VrayZrone
Living your lives, when bam, things come along to wreck your livelyhood and that’s just the first bit.


Title: The Abridged Adventures of Les Trois Perdants
Author: Micah L. Lucas
A young tomboy befriends two reckless misfits and spends the majority of their friendship trying to keep them out of trouble.


Title: Lethal Confessions
Author: @Piesie2001
Summary : Lost and seeking shelter in an abandoned cabin, six friends find out too late that it is their confessions that are getting them killed.



Ooh sounds like a Pretty Little Liars vibe


Wait till you read it. :smirk:


I have the same problem when I try to explain my stories! I feel like I never give them justice in one sentence. But I’ll give it a try for my in progress fantasy novel.

Title: The Vigilant
Summary: An orphaned thief recruited into the kingdom’s shadowy intelligence force attempts to uncover the truth as seemingly unrelated events threaten the stability of the crown.


Title: Aftermath
Summary: Dude spends time in a park with his ex-nemesis while reflecting on life.


Title: ST/YS
Summary: An alien in a bad disguise joins a group of unaware humans in order to capture the one in glasses, finding the ‘four eyes’ attractive.


Those Blue Eyes - The timid looking slave is actually an undercover cop who has vowed to bring down the human trafficking ring.


Title: Genocide Dogma
Author: Kiera Savage
Summary: A cross-bred immortal assassin tries to stop a race war from occurring whilst planning to enact revenge on her twin sister.


Is this written? I want to check it out!


The Red Ribbon:

An egotistical girl and her clique of followers tread through the forbidden waters of authority through a backdrop of betrayal, intricate conspiracies, and a lot of salty bickering.


Yeah! I hate to promote my story here, but I already got 13 chapters out now! And the story’s official summary is WAY more intriguing than the one here :sunglasses:


Not sure why; it kinda reminds me of a darker version of Mean Girls XD


Lol :joy: I can see why. Except the main cast consists of one girl and her group of guys.