Summarize Your Story in One Sentence


Desire’s Reincarnation

A young woman tries to prevent her revived girlfriend from dying a second time and stops at nothing.


Set in a universe where sky islands are the only hospitable part of a planet, a selfish fraud has to take charge in leading the few survivors that remain of his country after another country wiped it off the map.


Leaves home to keep family safe, bad people find the main character, character want to give up, doesn’t, somehow everything is fine in the end.


two annoying teens are trying to find their friend’s kidnapped sister.


I have a ton of WIP stories so I couldn’t just describe one!

Incandescent: First of the Affinities
Outcasts from both sides uncover a conspiracy and work towards ending a brewing war.

Dawn of the Firebird
A servant and a soldier search for the legendary firebird and must question their roles in society in order to end an endless battle.

The Marionette Project
The very nature of free will must be questioned when two sisters are drafted into a new government program, one as a puppet and the other as her puppeteer.

Valor (Working Title)
When a princess refuses her suitors and the king demands a tournament for her marriage, a servant girl dresses as a man to win the kingdoms’ favor and show that true love comes in many forms.



Alien in witness protection program is not having a good time.



Title: All the Broken Pieces
Summary: A boy discovers he’s an elf and goes on a journey to find more about his past.

Title: Perception
Summary: Three kids decide to find out who’s behind the murders in their town.


Title: Mageia Era
Summary: A group of kids with magical abilities learn how to use their abilities in combat and save the world from two apocalypse.


Title: Suffocating
Author: ClementineDavidson
Summary: Roxanne, a teenager that has no idea what she’s doing, learns that the secret superhero isn’t doing good deeds from the goodness of their heart, and that trying to spread the truth about superheroes existing can lead to death.


Title: Skeletal Frost
Summary: When Hauri moves to a new town, everything that can go wrong does go wrong - nature itself seems to be pitted against him.


Hm, might as well put up here some of my stories lol

Six individuals were taken to be test subjects for a new mystical element and they attempt to escape from the hands of those that took them.

Summer arrives and Addilyn decides to spend it by talking with her internet friends 24/7 when she suddenly gets transported to a world of wondrous fauna, and even meeting those friends she held so dear.

Girl Space Friend (WIP Ttitle)
When one year missing Lynn Ashton finally shows up, her best friend Ray School tries to take in the fact that Lynn has changed with a supposed “new life”.


Debt For Life
two girls who want nothing to do with their society’s expectations of them find out starting wars and finding friends is easier than they think.


Ryken Augmented
What happens when an outnumbered, superhuman race is oppressed and discriminated against?


Title: Renegades
Summary: A group of idiots steal a spaceship and try to save the universe, in a way that goes about as well as expected.


Title: NinRai: MissAdventures For Two
Summary: A boy and a rabbit are on their way to earn some money to silence their stomachs, but they will have to get over debt collectors, a post office, and a horde of mindless bandits to do so.


Title: Girls of a Feather
Summary: Annemie gets turned into a bird by the wicked witch Antsje Pluk, and it’s up to her twin sister, Aleta, to rescue her, but Annemie’s freedom comes at a cost.


Title: Understanding Teenagers
Summary: A guy with little writing experience is hired by a struggling publishing company to write the next great Young Adult Novel.