Title: Blank Sheet
Short Summary: [Harry Potter Fanfiction] Medea is a witch, and as one, she has been to magic schools. She has learned about the light and easy side of magic, but also about dark spells and disastrous duels. She has seen the advantages of both.
And now that she’s going to Hogwarts, finds a mysterious book and suffers under sudden flashes of pain, she’s got to choose one side.
Genre: Fanfiction
Themes: Friendship, Light and Dark, Magic
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Still, nice of you to open a topic like this. :smile:

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TITLE : Betrothal Melody
SHORT SUMMARY : After Galaxia’s defeat, Usagi and Mamoru became closer than ever. However, when he goes abroad again for a conference, Usagi realises how much she feels lacked without him. On the day of Mamoru’s return, Usagi prepares a surprise for him, for their love and future. Will she win his heart for good this time?
GENRE : Fanfiction (One-shot)
THEMES : Love, proposal, betrothal, romance
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TITLE : Darkened
SHORT SUMMARY : A collection of poems for all who believe in feelings
GENRE : Poetry
THEMES : Sadness, Nostalgia, Confusion

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TITLE : The Protetturi: The Beginning of the End

Elizabeth felt alone. In a world she thought was those of story books, television series and movies.

The Reapers, creatures of the night, had murdered over 7,500 people across the globe. Elizabeth had been the only one to see one of them and live to tell the tale. Since that night, Elizabeth began to feel, see and do things she had not previously. Now, Elizabeth is drawn to the mysterious and dark world filled with demons, vampires, werewolves and The Protetturi – the protectors of the world. She finds herself under the protection of Chase – a member of The Protetturi – who helps her realise what she is, what they are.
GENRE : Fantasy
THEMES : Loss, distress, hope, love
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A Legacy of Mist and Fire

I don’t have a summary (since I’m a pantser), but here’s the blurb, if that’s alright. :slight_smile:
A thousand years apart, three people leave legacies as solemn as mist and as scorching as fire.

Peraphone Gladiadore, the infamous Lady Pirate, used to know the taste of unadulterated pleasure, but now, as a servant to the Fiend, she must satisfy His greed, His wrath, His lust. That is, if she wishes to live another day. But she is sinful like her master, and she will stop at nothing until she collects enough riches to rule an empire.

Sesna and Layn know only poverty and love—nothing about the dynasty’s secrets that force them to live like slaves leagues away from a glittering capital. Their love ties them together, but can they stand on their own when the king himself splits them apart?

Despite living in two different eras, the fates of the three intertwine together—a tapestry crafted by the heavens.

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Themes: Epic love, sin (esp. greed, lust, and wrath), timelessness, magic, strength in different ways, strong female, weak/gentle/delicate female (but still “strong” in her own way!)

My story is under 350 reads, so is it free? ^^;
Thank you very much for your efforts!

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Hey ! While I appreciate you checking out my other story, it’s not really one I would like reviewed since it needs heavy editing lol since you left a couple of comments on it, I will also leave some comments on your story as well. Thanks!

Thank you. I hope you enjoy it enough to follow the novel on my journey of writing it. :smiley:

No don’t worry about it! It was actually a different story you requested in a different thread of mine 2 months ago that I am now just catching up on so you didn’t need to do extra payment :)) I’ll work on your recent request soon !!

Title: Kaleidoscope
When Myles wakes up every morning, he thinks about how each day is the beginning of the rest of his life. When Shay goes to school, she envelops herself in the memories of those who have never quite loved her enough, and she tells herself that it’s ok. When Margot goes home, she tries to learn to love herself, even when in the room next door, someone identical to her hates her so much. When Tanya goes to sleep, she thinks of all of the loss and the future, and wishes she could feel something other than the numbness that consumes her.
Coming of age is a time of change and colorful people, and every person has a story.
Genre: Teen Fiction (YA)
Themes: Language, drug use, mentions sex but nothing explicit
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oh whoops I thought themes meant mature themes but let me fix that
Themes: loss, coming of age, changes, growth, love