Summer Writing Camp

WeCreate Summer* Camp is a creative space for readers, writers, and designers looking to interact and develop their ideas with likeminded people!

If you’re interested in joining the WeCreate group or just want to learn more, you can find more information on the WeCreateCamp profile.

We host weekly Prompt Wars to help writers—a new prompt is uploaded every Sunday night and winners are chosen through a member voting period. Winners get their submissions published in the WeCreate Anthology on the profile :smiley:

There is always an open critique channel for writers who need assistance, along with design support and general craft support when it comes to developing your story. Share your work and find your new favorite Wattpad book through our community!

Head over to the WeCreate Wattpad profile to join! Everyone is welcome!

*WeCreate will continue past the summer and into the school year, but many writers are busy with classes in the fall!


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