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Will let you know tomorrow/later today.




So sorry, but neither of us can do 80 banners. Hope you find someone that can.


My partner said she’d do it tonight. @beforehours #3, Love.


Oh, thank you so much! Thank you @beforehours


Thank you!


Accepted! :blush: loved working with you for Fallen Angels and I’d LOVE to do a cover for you :wink:


Thank you so much!




If you’d like any changes made, please PM me!
Remember the payment please:)


Girl dayuuuum! That’s hella beautiful.


NO CHANGES, IT’S PERFECT! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! as soon as I change the covers, I’ll complete the payment (the credit part, since I’ve completed the rest already) thank you so much again! I absolutely love it


Hi its me again I would like another usual
Title: n/a
Character name:N/A
Size: 2X4

Title: When I wrote this I was listening to…
Subtitle: Birthday by Maisie Peters
Chapter Numbers:N/A
Image inspo/chapter theme: similar vibe/ aesthetic to my picspam but the chapter is about a father trying to apologise to his daughter for missing all her birthdays

Additional comments: nope and thanks again x
Password is Impala


are you able do the character banners or is that too much as well


I can do the cover, but not 80 banners.


okay I understand. thank you.




This took a buttload of time, and I love the outcome.
please don’t forget the payment:)

ALSO, I don’t usually ask this of customers, but I’m curious. Please give feedback if you can!


Accepted! I’ll get on this tonight or tomorrow! Thanks so much for requesting again!


I need a cover called the Lost Key. Do you do Historical/fantasy covers?

It should be in the style like this: Golden Key, rich Egyptian background - you see the key here?

The rich hieroglphy should reach the front of the novel before it has a distingreating - like small sand particles coming out of the hierogrplhy background.

I just need the title: Lost Key

Author: The Wanderer…

A background of the Pyramid at the bottom with the sun shining above it.




I love the colouring and the font, the only thing is I would smooth her jawline, but other than that I love it! Thank you and I will be using it!


Preferred Designer: (please tag your desired designer or leave blank) I’m good with whoever thinks they can do it!
Faceclaim(s): n/a
Character Name: (Optional) n/a
Quote/text underneath: (Optional) n/a
Mood: eerie, dark, glamourous
Ideas: I want something like this
image in appearance!
About the character/elements you’d like included:
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting? It is!
Additional Comments: I want different banners!
One that says Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Cast, Setting
Password: Impala