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@beforehours last one!

Faceclaim(s): Tyler Posey
Character Name: (Optional) Diego Cruz
Character Age(s): 20, 25
Quote/text: (Optional) Only if it fits ok - might be too much with the name. But if it looks good: I got a river for a soul
Mood: Shy, sweet
About the character/elements, you’d like included:
Fave pics for age 20: 1 or 2 or 3
Fave pics for age 25: 1 or 2
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting? Yes
Additional Comments:
Password: Impala

Here is my current cast page (pitiful) but you get an idea of the personalities I think:'-girl-the-cast


Hi:) I was wondering if you do chapter banners, and if so, how many would you be able to potentially do? Thanks


Preferred Designer: @shewroteinblack
Title: Dark Paraise
Subtitle: Are you the master of your fate?
Author: Rose Beton
Facelaim(s): Jensen Ackles (as Dean Winchester) & Krysten Ritter (as Jessica Jones)
Brief Summary: Parker Ramone has always been a fighter. Growing up in foster home after foster home, it’s not a surprise that when she finally gets out of the system at 18, she is no longer the sweet girl many once knew. Years pass, and the fighter that Parker came out to be has grown stronger and tougher than ever. With all her knowledge of hunting, she never expected to meet her match during the Apocalypse.
Mood: dark, romance, tough
Ideas: I was thinking of the two characters next to each other (looking serious), with the Impala behind them, as well as a road with trees in the background. I was thinking the text could be bold, as well as tough looking? The color scheme for this is soft blues, greys, and white.
Image Inspiration: 1 2 3 4
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?: I’m currently setting up a four part series, a currently waiting on 2 other covers for this series. I should have all books (hopefully) posted by this friday.
Additional Comments: You’ve made me a banner in the past, and I just really love your work! Thank you if you happen to accept!
Password: Impala :slight_smile:


Title: Frozen Secrets
Author: wildcharms
Facelaim(s): Dove Cameron as Eliza Evans and Tom Holland as himself
Brief Summary: Eliza Evans has always seemed like she had a perfect life to the rest of the world, and, to some extent, even her family. however, the truth always has a way of revealing itself, and now she’s left in the wake of it.
Mood: definitelty NOT cheerful, this book deals with abuse and mental health problems, so its quite dark, and serious
Ideas: can there be some way of having Dove and Tom on the cover? maybe standing in a dark hospital hall or something?
Image Inspiration: i dont have any images, but i love the way all of the covers look, so whoever does this (if i get accepted lol) i trust them explicably so far as covers go :blush:
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?: i have this weird thing where i don’t want to post the chapters until i have a cover, which probably sounds weird but yeah; if i get accepted when i get the cover the book will most likely be up on the same day lol
Additional Comments: thank you so much if you accept :blush:
Password: Impala


Accepted. I’m excited for this one.


Guys, if we haven’t responded to y’all yet, we’re sorry. One of us (me) is sick and the other is a bit busy with classes. We will get to you all.


Um, how many did you have in mind?


I attempted this and I couldn’t do it justice. Sorry. I hope you find someone who can.


i’m making a whole series, and i’m so ecstatic for all of them!


Accepted! I will get it done as soon as I can!


@wildcharms I would love to give this one a try if you’d be willing to wait a little bit, I have quite a few designs to do ahead of this one, but I’m excited about it! I love doing manips:)


Hey, @imtotallynotokay I hope I did your request justice! I wasn’t totally sure if you wanted it totally black and white so I made both. Once you tell me which one you prefer (OR PM ME WITH CHANGES YOUD LIKE MADE) I will make the other banners you requested:)


You did amazing and I think I like the rose coloured more




please don’t forget the payment:)




Their great thank you again


Hope you like it.Daek


Okay, first, i love it??? Second, I’m a dumbass because I spelled “Paradise” wrong in my form. Could you fix it?


Three different versions of chapter banners, but all with just the same title of book in the series (so the images in the background of the banner would be different, but the font and placing of the title would be the same).