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Preferred Designer: @shewroteinblack

Title: beautiful creatures

Subtitle: even lost in darkness, my heart will find you

Author: rose beton

Facelaim(s): Misha Collins (as Castiel) & Rami Malek (from Mr. Robot)

Brief Summary: in which an ordinary hacker runs into trouble while meeting two hunters and their pet angel.

Mood: mood is dark, tough, romantic

Ideas: i was thinking of rami malek looking serious ( example here ), as well as a serious looking misha collins beside him ( 1 2 ). then i was thinking of trees behind them, and a dark sky, with clouds rolling in the distance. colors would be any type of green you think would go with this cover, greys, whites, and blacks.

Image Inspiration: 1 2 3

Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?: this is for my spn series, and i’m literally waiting on my Sam cover, excluding this. so (hopefully) by friday!

Additional Comments: Thank you if you accept! <3

Password: Impala <3


Accepted c: I follow you, so I’m gonna have to read some of these spn stories. Haha. I’m writing a few myself.


Just three different banners. They don’t need to be labelled with chapter numbers, just the title of the book:)


yes! i would love for you to read them!! i need critiquing and advice lol i may have been a fan for 10+ years but that doesn’t mean i know everything!!! i need another set of eyes :eyes:


Yeah sure! Request away :slight_smile:


I totes understand. I’ll have you cover done by tomorrow night (more than likely I’ll finish it sooner)


okay!! thank you <3



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that’s amazing! thank you, if its possible is there any way it can be darkened a little (if not, no worries, it’s already amazing), is their any payment (i will put you in the summary and give credit, but is there anything else?)


Could the title be smaller and lower, under Rami’s face?


Rami Rami2


thank you so much!


Preferred designer=beforehours
Title=Midnight flowers.
Face claims= A girl with long black hair and dark blue eyes wearing a white frock.
A girl like in the novel “The king’s cursed bride” by Elizabeth Newsom.
Brief summary=The shadowhunter queen of immense power.One destiny. One choice.119081343-352-k112095 18 year old Celestine thought her life was normal.But her world collides with the magical world of werewolves, vampires, warlocks, faeries and shadowhunters-half human half angel. She finds herself as the key to the existence of Earth and finds herself in the unknown garden of love.
Mood=fantasy, love and mystery.
Ideas=I like the girl enlarged.I want the background of a forest at night time and can you include some white roses/ white camellias/white peonies near the girl and small white crystal like/silver butterflies? If possible, can you include a shadowhunter rune only on her neck or hand because this is a fan fiction for the mortal instruments series. It would be cool if you could.
Image inspiration=“The king’s cursed bride” by Elizabeth Newsom. I like it’s colors, the girl and the design of the title.
Is the story posted? If not,when do you plan on posting?=It hasn’t been posted yet. I was planning on posting it within this week or the next.
Additional comments=Your book covers are amazing. You have a true talent and I hope that you will do my book cover. I wish you luck on your future.


Preferred Designer: @beforehours
Title: dead twins
Subtitle: their still alive
Author: imtotallynotokay
Faceclamin(s): Harry Styles
Brief summary: it’s a walking dead au where Daryl has twin sons who he thinks are dead but ends up running into one of them when they try to take over Negan’s place. (It’s a rough draft).
Mood: action/ mystery
Ideas: I was thinking of having Harry Styles with short hair and glasses and him without glasses and long hair on the cover (so it looks like twins) with maybe a forest in the background or Harry Styles on the cover with short hair and a scene (zombies, a person getting bitten by a zombie, in front of Negans complex etc.) from the walking dead in the background
Image Inspiration:image image image image

image image
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?: no, I want to get a cover made before I post it.
Additional Comments: this doesn’t need to be done anytime soon
Password: impala




Accepted! this sounds like fun, I love TWD!