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I hope you like this one better than your current one!
please don’t forget about the payment:)


It looks great thank you and it fits so well with the vibe of love, simon and riverdale.


Here’s half. I’m working on the last few now.

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Declan Gliss Lilith Mmal Ronan


I love these SO very much! Would you mind redoing Aila again just because her name was larger on that banner and I want it to be proportionate? Besides that I am amazed, thank you so much for this!!!


Do you want the 1000x500 or the 700x200 sized banner?




700x200 please!


Perfect, thank you again so much for all of the hard work!


I’m literally the dumbest! Do you think you’d be able to make me one more? I was separating them by family, but this last character is a main character and an orphan so he completely slipped my mind!

Huxley Qui Carson


Here ya go c:



hi! yes i’d love to use it if possible, though, is it okay if i request for it to be a little darker? if not then it’s totally fine :blush:


Preferred Designer: (please tag your desired designer or leave blank)
Title: Frozen Truth [MCU Universe]
Subtitle: the truth will always come out
Author: wildcharms
Facelaim(s): dove cameron as the main character, Aurora-Rose Rogers, and Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.
Brief Summary: when Steve said that he’d like a family, somewhere to settle down, he never thought he’d get this… getting plunged into the ice made it seem as if that had all been thrown away. but what happens when a teenage girl is quite literally left on the door steps of the Avengers tower with only a test result that says she’s Steve’s daughter? and what exactly is she hiding?
Mood: dark, serious, it deals with death, blood, and torture quite a lot seeing as she was captured and raised in a cell her whole life by HYDRA
Ideas: is it possible for Dove Cameron as Mal from Descendants 2 to be on the front of the cover, but instead of her normal eyes something like these ones with Steve next to her in his suit (not as if he’s restraining her, but as if he’s trying to protect her) and maybe Bucky just behind her (there is a reason for that lol) as if he’s trying to protect her as well?
Image Inspiration:,, (or something that makes it seem as if he is protecting her)
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?: the story isn’t posted yet but it should be by the beginning of next week and whether the cover is accepted seeing as i don’t like publishing without a cover lol
Additional Comments: thank you so much if you can make this, it would be amazing!
Password: Impala


Yep sure. I do have other ideas for novels and I will give the cover work definitely to you. One other thing. Only if you can, can you add the title like in “the king’s cursed bride” with the same font type and the title a little upper? You can add the curl like in"B" to “M”. I don’t know whether this title will make the cover ugly. Well, let’s see how it goes. Add the changes to the second picture(dark colored). I still wonder if I’m bothering you. If I am, sorry girl.




Hey @diyaanasubasinghe I couldn’t really find that exact font the creator used or one SUPER similar, so I tried out two different ones and moved it up. Hope one of these are to your liking!


Designer: (please tag your desired designer or leave blank)
Title: Butterfly Critiques
Subtitle: and more
Author: Services by Krystal J Smith
Facelaim(s): no
Brief Summary: It is a book that I offer my services, as a critic and reviewer.
Mood: nice
Ideas: i am thinking a butterfly sitting on a notebook or something.
Image Inspiration:

Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?: yes it is
Additional Comments: I would like to request a very similar cover for my reviews book as well. It is the book I deliver reviews in.


Hi! Sorry if I’m being annoying, I just want to know how long the waiting list it because it seems like people that submitted form after me are getting their orders filled before mine.


You’re an angel :slight_smile: thank you!


Wait, You wanted the 80 banners, right? I’m pretty sure I denied that, love. Neither of us have the inspo, I’m sorry. You’re denied.I just don’t want to give you a crappy graphic.