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I swear you’re like a professional person who does this all of these are flawless!


is it possible for a header image with the same layout as FrozenTruth2 (the cover i am using for the book which you flawlessly made)? it would be nice for my cover to match the icon lol :joy:


whoooo girl, these are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! Thank you sm! Also I’ll be needing a few more as I complete chapters (and stop procrasinating) so would you be able to save a file or something of the sort so it’s easy to go in there and just change the title? I love this style so muchh!


i really am grateful for these though, honestly they are so flawless, and they look really professional and yeah, i love them, so thank you




Yes im gonna use the second one


Preferred Designer: (please tag your desired designer or leave blank) @shewroteinblack
Title: Butterfly Reviews
Author: Krystal J Smith
Brief Summary: a book I post my reviews in
Ideas: i would like it to look like the butterfly critique cover you made, but with a different colored butterfly if possible
Image Inspiration:
Is the story posted? If not, when do you plan on posting?:yes
Additional Comments: i already followed you for the previous cover. Would you like a different payment?
Password: impala




This one is on the house. Enjoy!



Love it. Thank you


Yeah, I saved the first one as a psd so I can go back in and edit them as I please:) So request what you’d like!


I misread what you said about which cover you used, so my bad lol

Ill fix both the banner and the icon!


thank you so much, probably my fault tbf lol




Sorry for the confusion! lol


Sorry for asking for so many covers


I would totally get if you denied this it’s a lot.


I know you denied that but you said you would still be able to make the character banners. Well, in all honesty, you didn’t even answer my question properly before when I asked.

you see I asked about the banners and then you brought up covers when I didn’t even ask for that in the first place.

If you read through my from carefully you could see that aside for the 80 chapter banners I asked for a banner that had the title of the book and one that had my username with some other outro stuff.

All I want to know is if you are able to complete my order without the 80 banners because I have been waiting for a long time and there has been some heavy miscommunicate on your part.


Excuse me, I’m one person. I misread it, my apologies. You could’ve simply messaged me. But sorry, I’ll have to deny it. I don’t have the inspiration for it now.


Apology accepted.


thank you so much, it looks perfect :black_heart: