Supernatural fans, come and chat! (might contain SPOILERS)


Come in everyone!

Make yourself at home, grab some pie or a burger. But please leave your shotguns and holy water in the cabinet outside, this is a friendly zone dedicated to fans of the show Supernatural.

I believe you all know the drill. No advertising. Be civil and kind. And most of all: have fun.

In the name of fairness, if you’re talking about the most recent episodes of season 14, please be mindful of those, who aren’t caught up yet or haven’t seen the latest episode yet.

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Feel free to chat away!


So, question to jump-start the conversation: Who’s your favourite character and why?

I love them all, but I might love one of them a little more than the others because I can’t help it


Lucifer. Idk why, but more me he just is.

Hope he comes back in season 14, even when he was now killed by Dean.


One of my favourite bad guys for sure!

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Do you think God or Amara will come back?

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Hm, I’m not sure. I kinda liked how they wrapped up their story at the end of season 11. I haven’t watched farther than that yet, so I’m not sure if they fit into the storyline after that. But from what I hear about the most current episodes, everything is possible.


What? Season 13 is one of the best

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Is it? Season 4 and 5 are my favourites.

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Yes it is.

How can I decide?! Sam, Dean, Castiel… they’ve all stollen my heart…

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I know it’s hard, they’re all unique and lovable in their own way!

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Hello! I’m pretty new to supernatural. I’ve wanted to watch it for years, and I’ve finally caught the last 4 or 5 eps of season 13 airing on tv right now, and I’m loving it

Hey there and welcome to the fandom!

Thank you! Do you know where I can catch up with old eps online?

I think Netflix or Amazon Prime should have them. As for free streaming sites, I’m afraid I can’t recommend anything as I stay clear of those.

Yeah, they’re never much use. Thank you!

Hello :slight_smile:


Lucifer is def a fav.

Out of our heroes, I’m gonna be cliche and say Sam is my favorite. But Dean is very close behind.

They just ditched everyone and went to go have their little reunion. I don’t think God cares enough to come back. Tbh, I wouldn’t wanna come back either, haha.

What’s everyone’s favorite finale so far?