Supernatural fans, come and chat! (might contain SPOILERS)


Yea I thought it was Micheal but you may be right it is to obvious for the audience. Maybe its Kaia’s spear shrugs and lmao! The writers need to get Cas step up his game


Could be. :shrug: But, possibly something related to Michael. Where the hell is he anyway? xD True. They really should. Next episode synopsis says Cas is gonna make a big sacrifice. I wonder what that is o.o


Well… a lot happened in this episode. Cas sacrificing himself wasn’t much of a surprise. I liked Kelly and Jack moments. I guess Jack needed those moments. Maybe it’s just me but the start of the episode felt kinda weird and way too dramatic, and the getting loaded scene seemed like a gag reel moment of Jared, Jensen and Misha. Maybe it’s just me xD I liked the idea of who’s deciding our fates and the abacus instead of scale and feather. Also, the actress that plays Dumah was excellent as the Entity from the Empty. What are your thoughts on the episode?


The last episode was good


Also, I guess the sneak peak trailer of mid finale just confirmed Michael isn’t still possessing Dean. But, I don’t think that’s a good thing. What’s with the blurry vision? Also, it raises the question of why Michael would leave his perfect vessel. I hope they’ll answer 'em. And, am I going crazy or was there a statement where the show runners said Dean won’t be there in most of this season 14? Will Michael possess Dean again? Or is this a Demon Dean moment?


Not the best. But, it was good indeed. :slight_smile:


Lucifer is back. I am so happy


Excited to see what the writer have in store. I hope the reincarnation is worth it though. But, of course, Mark Pellegrino is amazing as Lucifer so I look forward to it.


I agree and the empty is actually pretty cool I gotta be honest


Ikr! Brilliant idea! But, I was kinda disappointed at their implementation of it in S13E5. Cas kinda got out of the Empty way too easily, imo. Also, why doesn’t he have any flashbacks? Hopefully, well it’s just a theory, I’m guessing the next season big villain is the Empty, they’ll do the idea more justice.


This is true, they did make it too easy for Cass to escape, I believe it’s impossible that Cas has the same vessel when he leaves the Empty. I don’t understand that. Ofc I love Misha Collins but like for real. And I can’t wait for Shadow to be the next villain :man_supervillain: :woman_supervillain:


Good question. I guess maybe it’s 'cause Jimmy Novak is Castiel’s true vessel and the Cosmic Entity could resurrect him back to the same vessel the same way God did during S5 when Lucifer blew Cas up into smithereens. I don’t know, I got no other explanation. shrugs


S14 E9

Great episode, but… Michael took Deans body back and started something huge. We don’t know what, but we have to wait more than a month to find out(this should be made illegal by law). I think in the next episode Nick will appear again, I mean Lucifer.
I only have one problem with the plot atm. The Emptiness.
This is a force that is for sure as powerful as God and Amara combined, so if the Emptiness takes Castiel in the end of this season, I am not sure if they can bring him back without the help of God and Amara.
What are your thoughts about it?
Also does anyone think that God and Amara are related to the Emptiness. He could be a) another sibling or b) their “father”.


Dichael did the Thanos snap! :rofl:


Ooh… The Empty being related to God & Amara and possibly their dad. That’s quite a theory.

I liked this episode. It was fun and action packed. I kinda lost it at the TFW 2.0 walking in slow mo. And at Dean trying to do the spear trick. :sweat_smile: Btw, I hope Garth gets cured somehow xD

Just saw Nihilism trailer. Do you think Jack has his power back? xD


I never watch the trailers, because trailers usually spoil and we have to wait 1 month until we get the next episode


Alrighty, it’s cool.


Oof I got excited it’s Thursday but I realized there will be no episode :triumph::triumph:


Happy New Year, everyone!

Did anyone watch the latest episode? Thoughts?


rasies hand I did! And I hate when Sam fight Dean… it’s so upsetting