Supernatural fans, come and chat! (might contain SPOILERS)

Season 13. Best season

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That’s the recent one, right? I get lost in my numbers!

Mine would have to be the one where all the angels were falling out of heaven. I remember thinking, hot damn, this is bad but so cool. And finally some more angels!

Yes. It was the last that was aired

Hello, hello :slight_smile:

Hey what is your favourite season?

OMG i love this post (Hiii :slightly_smiling_face:)

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I dont know, Ahhh! If I could, I would just create a season of Supernatural with all my favorite episodes. Literally any episode with Gabriel is my favorite.

What is your opinion on the emptiness. Everybody could come back.

Definitely I don’t think everyone will stay gone for long.

Do you think their father comes back?

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I’m kind of old school so I’ll say Swan Song, season 5. When you think about the fact that it was supposed to be the end, I think it was very impactful if tear-jerking.

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Also, hi to all newcomers! :wave:


Was that the one where Sam jumped into hell with Lucifer? If so, it was a shocking end. But I feel like I’m thinking of the wrong finale. lol

I will say, though, it’s been a long time since I’ve teared up when Sam or Dean dies. Now-a-days it’s just like ah, they’ll be back. haha.

I’m not sure… Still haven’t made up my mind on that.

Yeah, it’s the one where he went into the cage.

I know, watching this show has made me wary of every death in a show or movie. I mean, the end of Infinity War?.. Yeah, there’s no way all these people will be gone forever, they’ll probably be back in the next movie.

I like season 13 too

I like amara season it’s actually pretty cool too

Thats also true and this is why I hope both return.

God has to return. Lucifer and Gabriel are dead and Michael is maybe trying to destroy the world.

Except Jack he is the only one able to win against Michael.

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I believe amara and chuck will return soon in future for whenever there’s a battle against micheal or something

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