Supper recipes ideas

Hey, so I want to try to do new recipes. I have been finding out I am eating same old same old that I want to try something new and easy. Plus something that can serve as a good weekend leftover. If I can use it in a slow cooker that’ll be awesome! If the recipe deals with ground beef that’s double awesome! Since with pandemic, ground beef isn’t as expensive as well with greens or seafood. I’ll also take pork and chicken as well for recipes. Thanks for help!

Pulled Pork

  • Pork Shoulder (I’m going to base the recipe off of a 4lbs shoulder but to be honest I never actually measure anyway. Use as much or as little as you like.)

  • 3tbs Ginger

  • 3tbs Ground Cinnamon (I use way more)

  • 2 1/2 Sliced Green Apples

  • Dash of salt

  • Beef Broth to submerge 90% of meet

Slow cook for 10-12hrs and shred with forks or tongs (Obviously put your prefered BBQ sauce on when you eat it)

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That’s sound good. And it’ll be handy for me when I’m at work and come back and it’ll be ready. I might try this on a day off or a Sunday since I get done at midnight.

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It is always my go too for dinner parties. Pulled pork, nachos, sometimes I’ll mix it into velveta cheese.


Can you also freeze this? I live by myself and love to freeze leftovers and used it for my night shifts. Thinking of doing a stir fry for this weekend, but not sure if you can freeze rice or noodles

Also nachos are always my go to for easy meals. Especially chicken wings in the air fryer when I get a in-between work break

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Yup, that’s why I don’t add the BBQ sauce till I am ready to eat. The meat will keep in a refrigerator or freezer. It’s great for work because you can eat it cold.

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I just ate and now I’m very hungry from reading this. I love pork and there are certain dishes where only Velveeta will do : )

I had a friend whose mom made a crock pot of melted Velveeta for dipping chips, and she stirred in some salsa - it was unbeatable.

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True that. One of the few dishes I used is homemade mac n cheese.thinking of melting some cheeses and make some dips with it. Maybe help put it in soup.

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Nice will definitely will try this

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If you’re going to freeze stir fry you can make the sauce ahead of time and freeze it. It’s not hard to add the sauce to the noodles when you cook it, but you can freeze rice. you can also freeze noodles but the texture might not be the same.

using ground beef/pork and tofu together to make a dish is amazing, and it’s one of my favorites
here’s an example of a recipe bc i don’t remember the exact one i use:

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Nice! New idea I want to try this week is but a rotisserie chicken. And freeze the leftover chicken, and use it for soup or for salads.


oooh that sounds like an intriguing idea. go for it!

Yea. Since it’s just me. Think I’m going to probably freeze half of it. Use some for just a chicken dinner, next maybe salad and a soup base deal and freeze leftovers.

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that sounds like a good plan. i’m hungry now lmao

Lol I just ate supper. Looking at recipes is hungry work

Chicken freezes really well, so that’s a good option! Soups freeze easily and you can make a big batch and freeze the rest and always have something on hand to just heat up, which I think is nifty!

Yea. Going to try this recipe and add in the chicken and change sour cream to half and half and milk into soy milk. So hoping it’ll turn out okay. And soup is awesome to freeze, since I’m by myself I tend to freeze a lot of things. Some too much, that I ask if my co-worker or neighbor wants some leftovers

I’m going to start doing that. But also, I live with roommates and rarely have freezer room :grimacing: So it’s hard to freeze in bulk sometimes :sob:

Hmm do you do roommate meals? When I had roommates or when I was back home before moving. My friends and I do twice a week for meals. Where we all put it what we have an cook. Sometime we’ll do it the whole week depending if we get the night off or so