Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


So, I didn’t see a thread for this yet so I thought I would start one up. Here in this thread we will support other romance writer and try to make friends so we can help one another. There are many romance books on Wattpad and sometimes it is hard to get noticed. This isn’t just for the undiscovered authors but for all romance writers. If you have had many readers maybe you can help those who are undiscovered.

So introduce yourself. The basic rule is to follow Wattpad guidelines.

I start. Hi, I’m Brianna. You may call me Brianna, Bri, or Brianna-Rose. I’m 20 turning 21. I haven’t been writing romance for long but I’m trying. Welcome.


Umm, hi! I’m Reem (call me whatever you want, idc), 13 (young I know XD) and I’m pretty new to writing in general, but I like to think that I don’t suck tooooo much, lol. I started off on here writing a cliche bad boy story cause I just have to fit all the stereotypes of Wattpad sighs. Now I’m working on this (I like to think) less cliche romance/thriller/teen fic thing, lol.

Ya, so that’s my WP life and whatnot so coolio I’m not socially declined

What exactly are you working on right now?


Well welcome. Hope your story works out well and get attention.
I’m working on a romance where the main female and male are leaders of a crime organization. The main female wants to find love and the main male wants to rise in power. It is on the darker side of writing but I actually doing a banter and betting scene.


That’s pretty unique! I like how you’re taking romance from a different view other than having your characters be angels.


What’s your @ on Wattpad?


Thanks. Also it is @BriannaRoseC
What’s yours?


Same as here *stalks your profile*


You have quite a few works! May I ask, how many of them are complete?


None are complete. I go back and forth between them. Right now I’m mostly working on my new romance and my two teen fictions. Though I will finish one. I’m determine too.


Same here! I’m writing 2 rn and editing one (If you saw the sunset thing, that’s something random I’m deleting in a few days)

New stories are always the most exciting! Personally, I love to read romance and teen fiction which is why I also prefer to write them. You know what they say, write the book you’d like to read!

Same here, for the book I’m editing, the cliche one, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it since I have grown a bit of a distaste for it. But I think editing it will help. The other two, I think I’ll be able to complete with enough time. I wonder how that feels, completeing your first work.

I’ve also heard that once you hit that complete button, readers are more likely to read your story than if it was ongoing so that’s always exciting!


Well I hope you succeed in finishing your books.


Thank you! Same goes to you :blush:


Thank you.


Hello. I’m Andrea, I’m 37 years old, I have Three small Children and I write in two languages. I write romance/chicklit here on WP and teen fic in Swedish which is my main language. As of right now I’m working on one of my Swedish Projects and posting chapters every tuesdays and fridays for my third book in a series in English.


Well welcome. Nice meeting you.


Hiya! Nice to meet you!

Ooo, sounds exciting!


Nice meeting you to. :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you too. How are you? And thank you I’m pretty exciting about my book.


How are you?


I’m just woke up and having myself a cup of coffee and I’ll be going over what I wrote last night. How are you?