Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


Nah, there are many, many of us :joy:

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I know, sometimes it’s just frustrating especially after you spend so much time on something and you want to share the love you have for your story with everyone :slight_smile:


Oh, I know. It just takes time and patience and work, and a little luck. Keep at it and it’ll come, sooner or later :slight_smile:


Very true :slight_smile: someone, somewhere, at sometime, at someplace, will have sometime to check it out. :slight_smile:



And if I can get this stupid chapter written they might even find mine, too


Just stay positive I’m sure they find it and I’m sure you’re stories are awesome :slight_smile:


I’m trying to get this sequel ready to post, but I’ve been seriously stuck on chapter 2 for like a week. I have a bunch of later stuff written, this chapter just doesn’t want to be done

Book 1 is actually doing fairly well, at least compared to my other books (which is not an especially high bar, but still). Most of them had kind of died off on reads by this long after I posted them, but it’s still climbing pretty steadily

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Well that’s good to hear I’m glad things are going pretty decently, and that’s the worst when things just don’t come together no matter how hard you try. I find one of my struggles is adding stuff to the story and creating sudden plot holes in the long run and it’s like uggh :slight_smile:


Yep, been there. Do you work with an outline? I find that cuts out a lot of that for me, though of course the characters are still going to decide not to listen every once in a while XD


Um generally not really I usually have some plot points but I leave it up to my characters to direct the stories, but as I do my rewrites those are more outlines, and I try to spice them up but some of the spice never truly works out :slight_smile:


They’re helpful for me, at least

Except that with one of my current WIPs the boys have decided we are not allowed to use an outline and we’re 90% pantsing this thing which is way out of my comfort zone but okay, boys, as long as you keep letting me write

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Yea everyone has different styles as long as they tell a story that’s what matters most :slight_smile:

Oh wow well good luck with that, I’m sure it’ll play out well :slight_smile: Once of my current problems is I like both of my main characters and I want to push them together as a couple, but that doesn’t happen till a fair amount in the story and it’s just ugh pulls hair out lol


Oof. I’m having that problem with Tobin and Ilan in Rise. They’re so cute but it takes so long for them to figure it out and then their romance is just sorta a small subplot that’s shown a lot in the background and not talked about much and ugh

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Oof that is definitely rough. In my case it’s heavily implied that these two characters literally need to be together based on how much they rely on each other, but there both two scared since they’re pretty much each other’s life lines.


Awwww, that’s cute. I can see why you want to get to them being together

Tobin and Ilan are…I don’t want to call them the hate to love trope because they never hate each other, it’s more distrust and bickering to love XD Ilan starts flirting with Tobin on and off just to make him uncomfortable, but then once he kinda figures her out more and gets more comfortable with the situation they’re all in he flips that right back on her, because they have the same sense of humor, and at some point down the line it slips into not being a joke anymore and neither of them really realize it until another character is like OH MY GOD KISS ALREADY PLEASE

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Oh geez that’s awesome though that you have the tension there between them and the build up I think that’s a really good way to build up the intensity for a relationship for sure :slight_smile:


Even though it’s mostly in the background it’s definitely an intense and deep relationship, or at least I hope it comes off that way. Their only kiss scene is amazing. Tobin has these horrible scars from things that happened in the first book and usually keeps them hidden but Ilan sees them and her family (not her personally, but a lot of people she knows and cares about) were involved in causing them and seeing them is the only thing he’s ever seen shake her. She’s the kind of character who handles everything without so much as flinching and that is what gets to her, and she just kind of stares at him and really quietly apologizes looking like she’s on the brink of tears and he breaks down and kisses her and tells her not to apologize for something she didn’t do and I’m sorry, I’m rambling, they’re just super cute

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Nah that’s totally fine I love hearing about other peoples stories, and that sounds really amazing honestly. Your characters sound so complex but awesome and it’s just really exciting to read that, that I can only imagine the entire story is amazing :slight_smile:


Thank you! :blush:

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Are you posting the story here on Wattpad?