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Yeah, the first book is fully posted and the second will be when I have more of it written


I’ll have to keep an eye out for it then, and I’ll take a look at the first when I have time because I’m really curious :slight_smile:


If you do I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


I’m sure I will :slight_smile: and you’re really passionate about it so I’m sure it’ll take me on a rollercoaster of emotions :slight_smile:


That’s the intention XD I have to warn you, it’s a pretty intense story


Oh well then I’ll definitely buckle up. I enjoy intense stories so that’s not a problem :slight_smile:


Hopefully it’ll be up your alley then :slight_smile: Lots of adventure, action, and magic


Sounds like I’ll be going on quite the adventure then :slight_smile: I don’t read a lot of fantasy so I’m sorta excited is that weird :grin:


Hahaha I don’t think so


Good, just checking :grinning:


Tide is kind of my baby so I’m always really nervous when people want to read it but also I love it so much XD


Awe I know that feeling all to well, I have a story called Blind Beauty and even though it needs to be heavily edited it’s like my baby, and I was worried what people thought when they first read it :slight_smile:


I’m really proud of Tide, honestly. I think it’s some of my best work. But writing it helped me deal with some really rough stuff in my life so it has that extra personal layer to it that some of my other stories don’t have as much, so it makes me that much more nervous about the reaction to it


Honestly I’m in the same boat with mine, it was during a rough patch in my life as well, and a lot of it is from personal experience and relationship stuff. So again I can really relate, that being said a few of my stories reflect my life at certain times, but Blind Beauty covers some of the heavier topics that I never thought I’d experience at that point in time


I don’t know about you, but I feel like some of my best writing comes from my worst days. It may not be the most lighthearted writing, but it’s powerful


Hello hello!


So this is where you’re active!


FANTASY :heart:


Yep, same. This may seem a little dramatic but I absolutely do find a large portion of my inspiration from the negatives that I’ve gone through, and I always tend to lean toward the more powerful story, then the light hearted one because I’m weird and I try to make myself cry when I’m writing the story because then I feel like it’s actually good lol


I figured I’d join in since Sarah just basically broke up with the prince. I made one of my readers mad. XD