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I’ve just been around for the last couple hours, chilling and taking a break from my writing. How’s it going?

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Okay. I wrote 500 words and going to finish edits for tomorrow’s chapter. TWR is averaging 500 reads per month since I posted it.



I’m the exact same way. Not to say everything in my stories is dark and heavy, but I definitely lean towards having those themes in there

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Oh no XD

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Oh that’s awesome, mine are averaging…well I don’t know actually but I think the numbers are still going up lol :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a rewrite and I got past my word goal of 53K today so I’m hoping to get to 56K tomorrow and then brace for the week lol

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Exactly, I just feel like it drives a point home or at least the emotions stick with someone and thats what attaches them to a story :slight_smile: if that makes sense


I’m going to apply for Next with TWR once it’s been completed. I decided to wait since completed stories have a better chance of being accepted.

That’s great about your word goal!

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Nice I hope it does well :slight_smile:
and thanks the one thing I’m noticing though because it’s a rewrite i’m using the old version as a template and my god do I have a lot of spelling mistakes lol :joy:

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Exactly :slight_smile:

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Also do you ever read your work again after like months of not seeing it and think was I not able to spell 5 months ago because that’s me right now regarding my rewrite and looking at the old story lol


Me with A Rider’s Fate: what idiot wrote this and why the heck is it so popular? XD

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Lol okay as long as I’m not alone in being that way :slight_smile:

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Hahahaha moood

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Oooh, I love a male POV in a romance. It feels fresh, somehow. Reminds me of About A Boy (saw the movie but didn’t read the book). And classical music is wonderful. I love Puccini. And I’ve seen a few operas now.


I grew up and lived in Maine my whole life so I feel your pain regarding the weather. I highly recommend SoCal, lol. But I will miss the change over to spring…the buds on the trees, the spring peepers…

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Hi Shelley! I totally agree about the extra e. Anything else doesn’t look balanced. Plus, you know, Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe. I’ve seen photos of New Zealand, and it looks so beautiful.

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Sounds like you are busy, busy with projects! How do you keep all the balls in the air, so to speak? It’s so much work getting a book ready for publishing. I worked as a publishing assistant at an academic press. I handled production–scheduling, working with the vendors for interior and cover design, with the printer, proofreaders, copy editors. It was interesting. But there is so much more to putting out a good book than people know!


Hi Michele! Ooooh, Vegas. That is one place I will be visiting now that I’m out west. I love romantic suspense as well as romantic comedy.


200K is so much! Whoa. But then again, I do love a big, juicy, thick novel if there are lots of characters and a big world to explore within the pages.


That sounds like a good book you are writing! Hope your writing goes smoothly today.