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I love SoCal! We have family there and have visited a few times. The perfect weather every day amazes me. Where are the blizzards and NorEasters? Lol.
I can’t complain today though. I am enjoying blue skies. The change over to spring you mentioned is in full swing.
I am on my patio enjoying a bit of the weather and revising a chapter before it’s time to start the kid pickups.


Ah, spring! Enjoy. And good job with the writing!


Yeah, it’s a fun place. Except in the summer when it’s 300 degrees, lol. I grew up in VT and NH, so we trek back there during the summer months and stay with family and friends, otherwise my kiddos would have a terrible summer vacation!


I probably take the beauty here for granted a bit cause I’m so used to it, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else😊


Wait- you live in Vegas? I’m going there for the first time this months for Aerosmith’s residency!

I’m soooo excited!


Ever since I watched the might ducks movies and one of the characters was from Maine I’ve always wanted to visit there, Don’t ask me how I got that in my head cause I have no idea​:laughing: I have no idea what’s in Maine but It’s looks really nice and naturey :rofl: I hear San Diego is really nice too, my uncle lived there for many years before recently returning to NZ to retire.


I would love to see NZ. It’s on my dream list of places to go. My husband and sons are up for it as long as they can see an All Blacks game. My youngest loves that routine(?-- not sure what its called) that they do at the beginning.


Nice, it’s the Haka. I’ve been to a couple of games myself. My hubby’s South African tho so he’s a springbox fan and would rather see them play. Our 10th wedding anniversary is in a couple of years and we want to go to Hawaii and maybe either LA or Chicago as well. It will be my first time in the US.


I do. Well, in Henderson, a suburban city a few miles out. I’m probably about 5ish miles from the famed strip - we can see it from our house, lol.

That will be an awesome show! Vegas is a wild place to visit, but a normal place to live. We have a local casino that we frequent - Green Valley Ranch - and pretty much everywhere we go restaurant/bar-wise is local, as well. I think we actually go to the strip about 3 times a year at most, lol.

Mature Romance Discussion Thread! (part 3)

Haka… I think I did know that. Sounds familiar.

I have never been to LA, but I’ve spent some time in Chicago. I liked it.

Keep making friends on here and you’ll be able to meet up with a wattpad tour guide wherever you go! Head east and I’ll show you around Philadelphia!


Also rugby is a winter game, but then I suppose our winter is your summer so would probably work well.


Oh, didnt factor that in. Yes, will have to remember that in planning!


You’ll just have to put up with cold weather :cold_face:


Good idea:grin:
If you want to know what there is to do just ask. Although I live just south of Auckland and have have only been to the South Island once for a few days. I’ve been all over the North Island tho:rofl:


You may regret saying that when I finally do plan my trip and pepper you with questions!


I’m a stay at home mum, I welcome all interaction with adults :laughing:
I’m sitting on the floor right now with my 8 mth old listening to kids songs on you tube while he puts everything and anything in his mouth.
This keeps me sane😆


Hahaha! I remember those days. They were fun, but I will admit that I am not sorry they are over!
Luckily, you can get lots of interaction here!


Yes, most of my friends are mum’s too so what do you think we talk about when we get together, our kids😂
So nice to chat about something else on here especially writing.
Anyway have to chat later got to go pick up the older ones from school and kindy. Oh joy!


Oh awesome! Is there anything you highly recommend while there or on the other hand, super don’t recommend? lol


Schedules, deadlines, and good music XD It’s a lot of work but I have a lot of stories to get out and I love doing it. There really is a ton to getting a book ready for publishing, way more than I expected when I first went into it. I just had the last book in my urban fantasy trilogy release a little over a week ago and it was work literally right up until the release date, and I’m hoping to get this next one out late in the year so I’m getting my ass in gear. Hopefully we won’t be pushing it quite so much this time

Yeah, it is, but it’s high fantasy adventure, so they can get up there. The first book in the series is 170k and I know this one will be a good chunk longer