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I super don’t recommend trying to walk everywhere on the strip, lol. Not sure if you’re staying right on the strip, or not, but the distance between each hotel is very deceiving. People think it isn’t far to walk a few hotels down, but they would be wrong. So wrong. :joy::joy:

Definitely see the Bellagio fountains. If you like roller coasters, the New York New York has an awesome one.

Everything is expensive, lol. We don’t do the club scene, so I’m no help there. But the strip restaurants are amazing. Margaritaville is excellent for people-watching. The Eiffel Tower restaurant at the Paris hotel is stupidly expensive, but the food is AMAZING. Mon Ami Gabi - also at the Paris is also excellent but for less money, lol.

If you’re looking to see any shows - all of the Cirque shows are recommended. Our favorite was ‘O’. Again - not cheap.

Visit the hotel pools, they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen. Mandalay’s and Cosmo’s are my favs, but they’re all must see.


This is where we’re staying! I know we’re going to the concert one night, to see Magic Mike live one other night but all of the in between is all up in the air! I know I want to try and gamble at least once, so I can at least say I did gambled in Vegas lol

Okay so the Strip is a no go. Got it lol Be prepared to spend lots of money. Got it lol

Is it true that drinks are free as long as you’re gambling?


That is correct, drinks are free as long as you’re gambling. Blackjack is our game of choice. I still have no idea how to play Craps, lol. Roulette is pretty much handing your money over to someone because no one ever wins. Poker is good fun. And a lot of people love the slot machines.


Hi Shelley!! I’m also (apparently) a romantic comedy writer, lol. I’m originally from Puerto Rico, but live in Colombia now. Nice to meet you!


Oh nice!! I think Male POVs aren’t as common as they should. I’ve been thinking of writing a book with a Male POV, but I always worry he’ll end up sounding too female-like. I think I have one or two of your books on my reading lists, I’m looking forward to it.


I have this same feeling here where I live… problems of living like two feet away from the equator. One day it feels like it’s summer, then in the same day in the afternoon you get a rain storm (literally, trees falling and everything)… it’s crazy here.


Hi. Sorry to butt myself in again. I have never been to Vegas, but I grew up about an hour from Atlantic City. Reading your post made me think of AC. In some ways, it sounds very similar. (Except we have the beach!) We used to go all the time. I agree with you about sticking to poker, slots, or blackjack. My sister and I spent many nights at the blackjack tables just for the free drinks!

The only person I ever knew that understood and was good at craps was my grandfather. I have tried and failed to learn it many times. It makes no sense to me.


Hey!! A beach here would be nice, lol.

I cannot for the life of me understand craps. People love it, and I, too, have tried and failed to learn it no less than about 82 times, but to no avail. I have no idea what is happening in that game. I probably never will. :joy:

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I gave up on craps a long time ago. I am too cheap to throw away money. At least with the other games I feel like I have a chance!


I’m from Maine! My sister lives in Vermont. We just moved out west, and plan on going back to pack up the rest of our stuff and drive cross country in July.


Maine is a beautiful place…in the summer and fall. If you like snow, then winter is pretty, too, but honestly I’d visit anytime in August-October. The foliage season in October is amazing and not too hot (but sometimes it gets rainy and that ruins it.) Kennebunk is nice. Ogunquit is nice. But if you are on a short trip, just head to Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor. You’ll see it all–mountains, ocean, forests.

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Agree. Enjoy the special time when they are young. But honestly happy to be done with that stage in my life (I have a 21 year old but it seems like yesterday!)

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I just want to see Cher in concert in Vegas if she’s still performing(??) And Bill Maher at the Mirage. I don’t care about gambling one bit. Went to my first casino (in Maine) this year and won $60 on the slots and said, “Okay. I’m good.”


Hi Eliyeda:

Puerto Rico is also on my list of places to visit since I met someone on here who said she had coffee growing outside her house! Love romantic comedy. Will check out your profile.

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Oh wow! Another Puerto Rican? So far I’ve only met one here. Maybe she’s the one… who knows. Lol!


Maine is beautiful! What prompted the move out west??


I haven’t attempted it in years, lol. Blackjack, all day long. It’s fun, and if you get a good dealer & table you can sit there for hours and have a blast.

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Cher is still here. Gambling is pretty much like lighting your money on fire and watching it burn, lol. We go about once every six months, tops. :joy:


This is where I plan to lose my money lol

Any other game takes skill and I don’t plan on being sober for most of this upcoming trip so I doubt I’ll have much skill :joy:

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Hello! My name is Brittany, I just joined today. ive been writing my novel for the past year now, though i feel like it still has a long ways to go. A friend suggested i start posting it on here to get some feedback and comments and such. Nothing is up at the moment but it should be soon so please read and give me some advice! Thanks!

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