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Hi Brittany. I’m Amy. When do you plan to put up your story?


within the next couple of days a couple chapters should be up. i kinda wrote it all out of order so i have to organise it.


Bahahahahaha. Drunken gambling should definitely be limited to just the slots. :joy:

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The baby years weren’t my favorite. Mine are 8 and 14 now. These are fun ages. I am enjoying this stage.
I never believed it when people said it goes fast, but it has already gone fast! Some days I can’t believe I have a teenager!


Hey Brittany! Welcome to Wattpad! I’m Minx :slight_smile:

It’s so exciting once you start posting your story on here! I’m so glad your friend suggested you come here! It’s truly an amazing place to be for a new writer.

I’m assuming you write romance?


Write, read, and live romance. I dont really read anything else. my best friend is kinda tired of reading my stories and listening to me talk about it so im glad that theres such a big and supportive romance comunitty here.


Yup, you’ve definitely found the right place! lol All of us on here could and do talk about all things romance all day long lol

What kind of romance is this new book you’ve got going?


Kinda fantasy, because i set it in a world i made up, kinda historical (no electricity, everyone rides a horse, its impolite to show your ankles), might be triggering for some audience members (main character was in an abusive relationship previously and it caused some major mental problems).

Its also actually the third book in a sereis i want to write, i started it first because i was going through some things and just needed to get it down on paper (so to speak). the series is about a Caberet Theatre run by aristocrats who are kinda like the outcasts of society.


Oh that sounds quite intriguing!

Yeah, I have a story on here about a woman trapped in an abusive relationship that depicts the cycle of abuse that can be quite triggering for some readers. So long as you put trigger warnings in your more sensitive chapters, you should be fine :slight_smile:


Thanks! i will definatly remeber to do that!


Nice, hopefully one day I’ll get there. That’s the problem with living at the bottom of the world, everywhere else is so far away. Which always costs more🤦‍♀️


Hey Brittany, your story sounds like my cup of tea. I definitely like a bit of all those things and being in an abusive relationship when I was younger I can relate to that too.
Look forward to checking it out.


Hello everybody. :slight_smile:

Mira and Tarjan are the main characters of my story. It’s practically written by Mira’s best friend and Mira keeps interrupting her while writing. So it’s a bit metacommunication of the two girls plotting to write a romance story based on “real” events.


So i have published my prelude if anyone would like to read it. Hopefully i will have the next chapter up in a couple days.


I just posted today. Took a while but I posted.

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İf you writing. I will read




Hello, very good


Very nice