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Hello, Who is friend… İs he pleased




Empty nest. Husband had a job opportunity. Travel. Fun. Tired of snow? lol.

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Baby years weren’t my fave either but NOW I find myself getting all gooey in Target when I go by the cute little onesies and newborn clothes thinking about someday having a grandbaby! You know, the cute kind you can hand back to your daughter/son-in-law when the wee darling starts crying. Not quite to that point in life yet, but it is there, looming ahead.


I love that answer!


Oof. I’m beginning to think a few readers may not have liked a few chapters I posted. My MC finally broke up with the prince, but she will eventually come back to him since their feelings are real for each other.

Until then, some teasing with a second romantic interest.


¿Alguien que quiera leer algunas de mis historias?


Hi guys my name is Amy, I’m 23 from Australia! I haven’t been writing at all for long, I did dabble in 1D fanfic when I was younger but definitely prefer writing romance.


What’s up? :slight_smile:


Eh, its a risk you gotta take sometimes in writing. lol You’re not always going to please the readers and delaying the characters gratification is just too priceless and way too fun to pull off lol

My MC’s were apart for 31 chapters in this sequel I’m about to finish up and my readers dealt. lol They were not happy and complained a lot but they journey was worth it :slight_smile:

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Hey Amy! Welcome to the thread! I’m Minx from Florida so, pretty much the other end of the world to Australia! lol


crazy isn’t it! I’ve visited Florida when I was younger- but that’s the only place I’ve been to in the US! I’m forever reading books and stories based in the states haha

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Oh fun! Where in Florida did you visit?


Orlando ! For Disney world :slight_smile:

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Oh how fun! I’ve never been to Australia but I’m also afraid I would never come back alive due to the mass number of things that live there built to kill me :joy:

What’s the craziest/scariest animal or bug or whatever you’ve ever come across living there?


Anybody any good at finding relationship songs for characters? I have a couple who will not work with me until I find them a good song but they hate everything I have to offer


I guess I’m fully coming around to accepting I’m a romance writer, granted a science fiction variation.

Hello new people, if any are here.



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Bonjour, hello.

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What’s up?

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