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Good just trying to figure out what to do with my main characters.

Hemato and Nadine are basically similar, but also opposites: the MC represents mankind giving into temptation, and Nadine represents resisting those temptations.

Originally they were meant to be the same person during a reincarnation type story arc, but it simply made more sense to make them bad guy / good guy.

How about you?


Nice. Sounds interesting

A couple in my story has demanded they get a song immediately or nothing else productive can happen. So I’m scouring YouTube for a song for them because they hate everything I find

Well, Enoch hates everything I find. Nix is lecturing him on his pickiness as we speak

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To be fair youtube is kind of … unpredictable in terms of quality.

Just about all that’s good these days (imho) is ether ultra traditional (not even country qualifies) like Flamenco or Limerick, or the most modern of modern: Dark Synthwave.

I haven’t found anything else tap into my lizard brain quite so much.

Simply put: I like my highs and lows.

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I mean you can find basically any musician on the planet on YouTube…

Nix gets their musical taste from me. I like practically anything (with rap and most country being the exceptions) so I’m good wandering and listening to whatever catches their eye. Nothing has particularly jumped out for their relationship yet, but they at least enjoy most of the music. Enoch not so much. He’s pushing for some sort of emo rock/pop punk thing but it’s quite difficult to find good love songs in that genre

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Yea country is like … if you took Flamenco, turned it into Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream, and pickled it in vinegar for a decade, drank it, and expunged the by product.

I don’t like country.

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Hey guys. So I’m debating switching my genre from Fantasy to Romance. Even though it’s a High Fantasy setting, Romance is basically the main plot and very heavy in the book. It’s a PG rated romance however, so should I make the change? What do you all think? I’ll post the summary below.


A kingdom engulfed in civil war. A legend comes to life. A forbidden romance blossoms. Sarah Nightwing is the White Rider, a rider of legend who will come to Earthtreah’s defense in its time of need. But she is also a Nightwing, the daughter of the man who is responsible for starting the war in a failed assassination attempt against the king.

Roaming Earthtreah without choosing a side until tragedy strikes too close for comfort, she decides to enlist in the Dragon Guard. But when she arrives at Caladar, a certain prince takes an interest in her. So begins her training as a rider of the Guard. For if she fails to restore peace in Earthtreah, the world could experience an era of darkness unlike anything it has ever seen.


That’s…a strangely accurate description…

I definitely lean towards rock and the lighter side of metal most of the time


I would keep it to fantasy. Even if romance is a big focus, it is a fantasy world and most people looking through the romance genre are going to be looking for and expecting a real world setting

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I love the summary, though it makes me wonder why Fantasy Romance isn’t a thing.

Science Fiction Romance is a thing. You could try market it as both?

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Understood, thanks. I was trying to figure out ways I could expand to a bigger audience. I feel like given what’s happened to the last couple of chapters and audience, that maybe I should have it listed as romance.


You have romance type tags on it right?

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I do have a tag included as romance, but I’m not sure how many people actually use the tag and romance for High Fantasy settings.




To be absolutely transparent, I’m kind of a in a similar situation with my science fiction romance as well.

Not brave enough to show my summary though.:confused:

Even though the romance in both story arc is front and center.

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Hey. Long time no see stranger.

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I think you’re good then. It’s pretty clear that romance is a heavy theme in it

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Hey, how are you?

And yea I’m really really really unsatisfied with my synopsis, I think it underplays my romance.

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Okay. Just struggling a bit with the reader drop off, like I said. I think I’m just going to try and get the story finished within the next few days and mark it as completed to see what happens.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. If you want to, you can post. I’m not great in helping with summaries however. But I can try my best.

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It’s suppose to be “Romancing The Machine” a specific Cyberpunk subset that involves a crap loud of romance. But I think I unintentionally blended it with historical fiction:

The French Commune Of 1871.


For: That Time I Got Shot With A Guillotine Gun, And Lived To Tell The Tale

Two civil wars split the United States into smaller nation-states, and an AI, whom once loved a mortal, is the game master of a new world.

An anarchist from the French Commune of 1871 seeks a new life in the United States. She is reincarnated in the 21st Century, and is in danger to repeat the same mistakes that caused her first acquittal.

Falling in love with an executioner’s daughter, interwoven are stories of romantic-nihilism, split between 2017 to 2127. Including a story of a fallen aristocrat, that has a makeshift family of juvenile delinquents, who share nothing else, but the desire to survive the world of the Potato District.

The romance is very … different from my newest work, in that … well the girl is completely built for one thing (not a robot.)

Anarcho-Romance is kind of my thing, along with Cyborg women.

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Hmm… right off, I’m going to be a bit honest. I feel confused by a few things on here. Mainly the use of French Commune, and Potato District.

Maybe it’s just me, but those come across to me as fancy words. Words like aristocrats I’m familiar with and know what they are. Perhaps the word usage might be confusing readers? Can you write it in a different way to make it clearer what happens without using FC or PD?

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