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Certainly, I can try at least.

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This is more like how the two novellas actually play out. One about Hemato prior to when she went insane, and Nadine’s struggle to hold onto the sanity she has left.


After two brutal civil wars starting in 2017, and finally ending in 2086, society has lost much of its old technology. A vigilante who used to be a public executioner, originally fights to end the death penalty. Stuck in a matrix between life and death, she finds the one true hope in humanity is a young vampire girl.

But Nadine, a newly made cyborg, is addicted to pain killers. Taunted by memories of falling from the sky, she is unsure how to feel about people–especially herself. While the two are similar, almost to a fault, Nadine does not want to reach into her darker impulses.

After cracking a fantasy world simulator, Nadine must choose: her own humanity, or her darkest desires. When she chooses to rescue a princess who deserves it the least, she begins to question everything she’s ever known.

Which is deceptively simple, and doesn’t include how Hemato uses Dantino as her puppet throughout the second half.

And yes, is a metaphor for my feelings about 90s heroic fantasy. And yes the criminal justice system is brutal. But not sure how much that should effect the synopsis.





Tired of snow is an excellent reason to leave, lol. It was a contributing factor to our move. :joy:


It’s actually not that bad! haha we have spiders but I’ve never had any come near me, only see them amongst tree’s, between window frames etc. We do have brown snakes which are very deadly! They only come out when its really hot, and everyone around my area is really good with telling one another when we see one. Crocs are in Queensland (up north) whereas I’m in Sydney (south). Do you have anything scary in Florida? I think you have crocs too don’t you?


Hi people!


I am blown away by the level of creativity in what you’ve shared about your WIP! It’s not in my reading wheelhouse BUT it sounds complex and intriguing. I can almost see it as a movie!

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Funnily enough much of the “Cyberpunk Romance” I’m influenced by is movies like Her, but also by Japanese Anime.

So that doesn’t surprise me.XD

Though as an aside, while I call it “Cyberpunk”, the setting is closer to darker variation of TV shows like The Jetson’s, where instead of living in “Sky Cities” they live in landfills inside of hollowed out bomb shelters and military tanks. And the MCs tend to be “robot/cyborg servants” rather than the one who “owns the robot.”

Accidentally stepping on landmine’s is common, because not all of them were cleared out when the two large civil wars concluded. But it’s more Cyberpunk than Military SF.


Omigod the Jetson’s were a huge part of my life growing up, lol. I kid you not, I thought, at about nine years old, “That is CRAZY. There will never be telephones where you can see the person talking to you on a screen.” Yup. That’s what I said. (Gen X–the bridge generation from analog to digital and beyond!)

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Ugh! I had a writing group scheduled for today (I have to Skype in now that I’ve moved but I love my old Maine writing group) but it was canceled because of snow and ice and sleet! In April! Anyway, I hadn’t written anything so I sat down at 9 am to write a 500 word flash fiction.

5 THOUSAND words later, I’m done. Decided I would post it 500 words at a time on Wattpad because what the heck. It felt good to write some romance again, though, after finishing up a memoir ghostwriting project off Wattpad that took me the better part of a year.


Yay another southern hemisphereian. I’m Shelley and I’m a kiwi. I’m new to writing as well :grin:


Can you please tell me what on earth is cyberpunk? I feel like I’ve been living in a cave, so many terms I’ve never heard of!

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Yea see my issue with the Jetson’s was less the technology, and more the overly joyous happy picture of everything: just think of how much sacrifice would have to be involved to make sure a utopia like that exists.

I think, we need to work toward making our ground liveable with green energy, not try to live in the sky.


I have a certain grasp of it, though in practice it may be better to use wikipedia as a starting point: (Bare in mind the editing wars that make it unreliable.)

Also you can look at this directory here:

There is also a forum community of cyberpunks (plural) because it has now evolved beyond a literary genre, and is a full blown lifestyle. (It’s similar to anarchism, but with some note able differences, especially from green anarchism.)

I do see Green Cyberpunk (Solarpunk), and Purple Cyberpunk (all that Neon capitalism free market stuff) splitting off into factions though.

I’m lime Green Cyberpunk with purple polkadots.

And yes, there is a Cyberpunk community, and I think that’s the biggest difference between my cyberpunk and cy fiction. Actual cyberpunkness…is far less interesting than you might think.

Specifically I’m 90s: You’re right after the generation that really loved “Star Wars”, but you’re not the second generation reintroduced to it either, as my sister calls it.


I feel like I’m more confused now​:thinking::laughing::woman_shrugging:

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I TOTALLY agree!

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Hi, im Demi :grin:.
Im 20, turning 21 this September. Massive lover of a good romance and currently on writing my own. Would love to read peoples work and also share suggestions. Maybe even co write with someone.


Hi Demi. What is your favorite thing about romance…writing and reading?


I used to read only romance all the time. I’ve since branched out but I loved exotic locations–those kind of glam romances from the 80s. I also used to love epic romances which you don’t see much of now, you know, generational stories. And then I got into Nora Roberts/romantic suspense which I like for the secondary plot lines. Now I like romantic comedy.

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I have to admit something though. I really don’t like writing sex scenes. Not that I’m a prude. I just find them kinda boring. Guess I’m more interested in the relationships than the physical part of romances now that I’m older. Sad but true.

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