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How to join clubs ?


I turned 21 last year and don’t remember half of it. Shame.
Do you have any stories written?



You’re already in the clubs!

But I f you’re looking for a book club or writing group you can check out the Story Services.


I don’t mind them too much but that’s often one of the things I love about historical romance, they have to be very restrained so any little hand touching or lingering looks etc and I’m like, ooh yay (claps hands like a excited kid). Something about it just seems more romantic to me.


I just love Jane Austen, for starters. I haven’t read a good historical in a long time. I wish I could speed read. I have so many in my TBR pile!


Halo semua, tolong baca karangan aku ya. dan mohon tolong dikoreksinya.


I know what you mean, I’ve got stories from people I’ve met on here, some other popular wattpad stories and I like to read e books from my local library. I’ve stopped going in to get actual paper books cause I just never get round to reading them.


I just love physical books. I prefer to read them, but I am beginning to think I need to stop doing that so much and concentrate on Wattpad for awhile. (She stares longingly at the stack of library books she just brought home the other day…)


I love this. I was beginning to think I was the only one left with a library card! There really is something about actual paper books. I love curling up in front of my fireplace or lounging on the beach with a real book.


I started a few years back to get books for the kids and that how I ended up getting back into reading again, I’d get a few for me ever time too. The last couple I got I didn’t end up finishing so for now I’m taking a break. Plus the library does e books now so I keep searching through those looking for interesting reads, I can end up with a few on my account and the good thing they automatically remove after a month.

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That’s nice, don’t have to worry about returning them! That’s the only problem with library books for me. I sometimes get late fees. Once I finish a book, I just set it aside. Unfortunately, occasionally, it gets forgotten too long.


I owe late fees, every time I get books for the kids it pops up on computer, I’m like ‘next time’. That’s happened a few times now😆

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I’m working on a fantasy romance book that will be part of a series, but due to the plot I have planned, I have more subtle moments rather than obvious ones. Anyone else have experience or advice with this?


Hi Demi! I haven’t been on this sight in a while, so I am getting used to things still, but I am working on a fantasy romance novel if you wanted to take a look!:grin:


Oh, my kids are terrible! I have search for books under beds, in closets, in book bags. I think it is only like 10 cents a day or something like that, but it adds up over the weeks!

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@shellzels@amys99999 I’m very luck at this library in San Diego…they no longer charge late fees and automatically renew the books if you don’t bring them in on time! I have a feeling this is because it’s better to waive late fees than lose the books completely. I bet some people just didn’t bother to bring the books back if they had fees and stopped using the library. I try really hard to get them back on time, and I’m planning on volunteering at the Friends of the Library bookshop. Figure it will “pay it back or pay it forward” or something…


Do you mean like The Thorn Birds and Forsyth Saga?

I’ve wanted to do a Scifi “Family Saga” for a while. Some of my older work was intended as that instead of Young Adult, but when it was finally executed (no pun intended) it just turned out more like a 21st Century Scifi retelling of Oliver Twist,

Before I rewrote it again and added a virtual world, and a mindset of “hating things that were to beautiful.”

I feel like the whole Family Saga thing just … works so well for science fiction, even if that makes it diverge from traditional Cyberpunk fiction about isolated loners.


Yes, exactly like the Thorn Birds. There used to be a lot of romance epics but they fell out of fashion. I guess thinking about Star Wars, that is definitely “epic” and there is the romance aspect. I think romance epics I’m thinking of used to be maybe more along the lines of historical romance. Or even glam romance. Think Sidney Sheldon stuff.

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The problem when I do epics: I’m used to Web Comic/Manga format (where you can tell a lot more in fewer words), and it seems like when I plan out a scifi thing, several things happen:

(1. I fall out of live with the initial concept or genre. I don’t hate Cyberpunk, but I feel like it’s one of many dystopias you can do, and I’m closer to Cybergoth.
(2. I decide I want to do a different POV style as I like it better, so the overall pacing and style is effected.
(3. My atheistic believes changed into something closer to Animist/Buddhist, which means a gradual infiltration of things like “all things have life, even the stones and forests” in what’s otherwise the worst kind of atheistic capitalism.

So my dream of doing a Cyberpunk Family Saga is always just out of reach in prose form.

And I do Punk fiction now as a full adult is … somewhat subtler.

Ah also, and earlier books are tied inexplicably to old traumas and hang ups. Not sure how common that is. So when I say I hate my old work, I don’t mean in terms of writing quality, but literally that it’s “retriggering.”


But the whole retraumatizaton factor, is … pretty much the only reason I haven’t submitted to say … Fantasy and Science Fiction (my favorite Science Fiction magazine ever), or whatever the Harlequin equivalent is.

Not because I have anything against it.

I just think … I can write better things that are way less triggering.

Post longer than Intended, sorry about that.