Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


That is very lucky. Our library doesn’t charge much, but does charge. I try to return on time, but it doesn’t always happen. The fees don’t bother me much. Our library has some great programs for children and adults that the money goes towards. But, you’re probably right-- people most likely just keep the books rather than pay a dollar.
That’s great that you are volunteering! I volunteered when my children were young. They always need readers for the story time clubs.


Seems to me like so much of what is written on Wattpad is “triggering.” I’m a little older than probably most people on Wattpad, so I’m gonna do a “back in the day” kind of post here. But back in the day there were things people didn’t write about or if they did it was sort of coded. Like PEYTON PLACE (which was before my time, lol. I’m not THAT old) or any number of historicals where, basically, the heroine is assaulted and then gets on with things. NOW we know that isn’t realistic, believable, or even responsible writing. This brings up questions of what our responsibilities are as writers, one. Two, yeah, if you want to be traditionally published you need to go by the publishers’ guidelines.

But then I think about Silence of the Lambs and any number of horror novels. Maybe what you are envisioning really does make more sense as a graphic novel? Again, I don’t read a lot of sci fi or fantasy, so I can’t be much help there.


Yea pretty much all my autobiographical elements are coded. I just assumed that sort of thing was one of the worst things to write, if my ex room mate is actually correct (about that one thing).

I was under the idea autobiographical themes was taboo. Or at the very least a “I don’t care about your problems” kind of thing.

But now it’s like, eh people already think I’m weird anyway.

I’m still cautious, but not anything like it was. Not that that was the right mindset at the time, just that that was the mindset I had.


All writing is autobiographical to some degree. I’m not sure what your roommate meant by taboo. People have been fictionalizing their life stories forever. The key is to make sure you change enough so that you aren’t “outing” someone who doesn’t want to be outed or making things so obvious that other people would recognize a “bad player.” If that makes sense? Fiction is fiction. You can make a statement: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people and situations is purely coincidental. Or something like that. Same with a trigger warning. “Some themes may be triggering or disturbing to some readers. Enter with caution.” You could also put the themes as tags so people know what to expect.


I might try that will be old series then. It’s not a straight autobiography, but more like autobiographical fiction told through a LGBT Cyberpunk lens.


There you go! Have fun with it.


It’s perfect, put it on all my books I have up now. Excluded an older version of my poetry collection.


Hello I’m Ellie (Why do I feel like I’m in group therapy? >.> lol) I’m 20, just turned to the dark side, and loving it so far. (I mean, don’t we all love to age?)

I’ve been writing for a long time, to myself; by myself, and just recently started publishing properly.

I’m currently working on romance novel about a girl; Paula Huerta’s who’s trying to make another life for herself; one away from her dad and two brothers, when a thug threatens to change her life again and ruin her peace and quite.

Obviously I want to be recognised even just by one person. I want to see and hear about my book through another person eyes; from their perspective.

That’s pretty much it. Can I go back to my room now? I don’t need anymore counselling.


Wattpad is actually good in that respect, I got a lot of feedback on my mysteries. I’m now branching out into romance (well I always had “Shipping” going on) and let’s see how that works.
What you can do to get feedback (what worked for me)

  • find other authors whose works you write, comment and they will most likely get interested and comment back
  • enter contests
    -advertise in the SYS threads

There are also Story Services, where you can “hire” people to comment and provide feedback. Also, have you checked out the “write” button onyour profile recently? WP has some great info you can access.
Good luck with your journey


Thank you for the advice. I will try and see how it goes.


I’m writing a book that involves kidnapping of a woman and she falls for (not the kidnapper) but someone else. It’s called Breaking Eden. But I was wondering if anyone else knows of any other good ones where the victim doesn’t fall for the kidnapper.


Totally jumping into a conversation from two days ago because I’ve been off the grid for far too long, lol. I love physical books. Love them. Haven’t hit the library up in a while, but Barnes & Noble is a monthly family trip. Thankfully, the kiddos enjoying reading as much as I do.


It’s been many days since I’ve been on the boards, life got busy, lol. I just wanted to say ‘hi’ to those that have just joined the thread. Welcome and enjoy, this is a great place to hang out and chat. :blush:


Hello there and welcome! So sorry for the last reply but I just got back from Vegas on vacation and am slowly catching up on everything in these threads lol


I just got back from your side of the country! Boy is it DRY there lol


How was Vegas?! Did you have fun?? Weather wasn’t the best here this past week, way too much wind, hopefully that didn’t keep you from enjoying yourself!


Hahahahahahaha. Yes, it is VERY dry here.


SO MUCH WIND. I had an amazing time though! Couldn’t wear half of the super cute outfits I packed due to the weather but oh well lol We shopped, we went to MAgic Mike live which was AMAZING. Half naked men aside, the show quality itself was stunning.

Aerosmith was everything I dreamed and more. We gambled and I won some, and lost some lol Played Blackjack for the first time and already feel addicted lol

The streets are unlike anywhere I’ve ever been though. So much soliciting and naked women. lol The strip was PERFECTION. We went so most of the hotels and walked so far that our feet almost fell off :joy:


So much. It was terrible, lol. Yes, the shows out here really are amazing. Glad you enjoyed them!

Blackjack is the BEST. Because we live here, we rarely go gamble, otherwise we’d be so very broke, lol.

Yeah, the strip is wild. People-watching at its best.

Hahahahahaha. I told you! You see Caesar’s Palace from Mandalay Bay and think it’s not so bad. 8 miles later and you’re finally there. :rofl::joy:


Hi everyone, my name is Sarah. I’m new to Wattpad and very new to writing.
I’m always hoping to make friends and find new stories to check out! :slight_smile: