Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


Hi James!


Hi Rachel! I’m Amy. I haven’t been on these threads very long, but it seems to be a very friendly place. And, in just reading and writing, I have made several friends on the site.
What’s your romance about?


Hi, Amy. Nice meeting you. My romance is about a young couple who meet in New York. She’s an small town girl who moves there to start college and he’s a street performer city boy.


Hi. I can actually answer that one! (I’m relatively new too) I just put mine up a few days ago. I just went into the section I wanted (Romance, then Dark Romance), then scroll to the bottom and hit reply. Put in your cover, description of story, and your info. Mine went up and is still up, no one has said I did it wrong, so I guess it’s right!
As for whether or not it helps get your story out there-- well, it can’t hurt, can it?


Nice meeting you too! That sounds interesting. How’s it going? Are you finding your inspiration?


It’s getting better. What about you? What is your book about?


Hi Amy - it’s nice to see you on here! Thank you again for your reads and your comments! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s good. Just keep going!

My book is a dark romance about a woman that marries a man that turns out to be abusive and controlling. He also has his older brother imprisoned in the basement. The wife and brother form a friendship that turns into more.
It’s ongoing. I have about 10 chapters up and several more written.


I have been trying to pop in on these threads every so often. I like taking breaks and chatting with people!
And you are very welcome. I really enjoyed your story. I am really looking forward to the new one you teased us with!


Hi Rachel - it’s nice to meet you! You’ve come to the right place to make new friends - I’d recommend checking out the Newbie Romance Writers thread as well (don’t let the name put you off - lots of great people there, both Newbies and not! :blush:)

I’m glad you’re finding some inspiration! I’d say just keep interacting in these threads, and find and read (and comment on!) some stories by authors whose work is similar to yours. I like the premise of your story, and I look forward to checking it out!


Sounds intriguing. I’ll take a look later.


Aww, thank you! :blush: I’m working on a different project right now (it’s set in the same ‘universe’, and there’s some character overlap, but the MC and love interest are new), but I definitely have the follow-up to my recently-posted story on my radar!


Thanks! I’ll be sure to check yours out too.

I agree with James-- check out the Newbie Romance thread too. And really try any one that looks interesting. So far, any one that I have popped in on has been friendly.


Interesting. Do you have any of it up yet?


I only wish I worked that quickly! :grinning: I’m still outlining at this point, and probably a week or two away from starting the writing process. Still debating if I’ll post it as I write or wait until I’m done…


Hi, James. Nice meeting you too! I’ll definitely follow your advice and check your story too.


Hey y’all.

I’m new to writing romance, but started my first recently. It’s a retelling of Cinderella.
(it’s not on wattpad yet, I’m going to get a bit more done before posting it). :slight_smile:


You answered exactly what I needed to know about the “pushing the reply button” at the end! Thank you so so much for the help! Good luck too you as well!


Thank you for welcoming me. Both Amy and James. :grinning:


Personally, I like to always be at least two or three chapters ahead of posting. If I do that, I feel like I have a safety net of sorts. I can take a few days off or change things without messing up the story I have posted.
I am taking a break tonight, actually kind of celebrating. I finally posted the final chapter of my last story. I started on here writing Gilmore Girls fanfiction. It went so much better than I ever expected and was so much fun. My newest story is my first original romance (well, that I have posted). But, anyway, I finally finished the GG one and am taking a little break!