Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


Congrats! <3


Happy to help! I won’t tell you how embarrassingly long it took me to figure it out on my own!


Hi. That sounds interesting! Keep writing, then put it up! I’d like to take a look.


Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you!


Hello, hello all! I’m writing tonight because I have to get 2000 words out before I go to bed, so I won’t be too active on here, but I just wanted to drop in to welcome everyone who jumped on after I did yesterday, lol! There’s a lot of you! :slight_smile:



Happy writing! :sunny:


Thank you!


Hi! Hope your writing is going well!


That’s debatable right now. I’ll let you know in 3-4 hours, lol.


Ha! Been there. Come take a break here every so often.


Will do. :blush:


Hi James! It’s great to see you here. Well, I really enjoyed your book so much. =) Can’t wait for your next work.


Hello Rachel, Welcome! I am new here too. What’s your story about?


I read Amy’s book and it’s really good. You will like it!


Sounds interesting. I have to check that out! :smile:


Hello there!


Hello there! Have fun writing!


Good morning! How are you?


Good morning! I made it to Friday. :slight_smile: How about you?