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I’m happy it’s Friday too! I am off today! As soon as I get the kids off to school, I can get things done.


Yay for that! I got so much more stuff to do today. I have some chapters to put up but just couldn’t find the time this week to finalize it.


Oooh, which story?


Running From You. :slight_smile:


Oh good! I just caught up. I was hoping for more soon!


I’ll see if I can sneak in some time this week to do some work on it. I have to go. It was nice to chat with you here. Enjoy your day off!


Have a good day!


Hello! Thank you. My story is about a young couple who meet in New York. She comes from a small town and moves there to start college. He’s a street performer. Together they explore the Big Apple and dicover that despite coming from different worlds they have something in common.


Hi there and thanks! :blush:


Hope everyone is having a good Friday!


That sounds really interesting!


Thank you. The idea came to me at work one day and just kind of grew until I had to start writing it. It’s going pretty well so far.


That’s awesome! Two times a week is great and I bet your readers love the frequent updates! :slight_smile:

I’m lucky if I get two out in a week. It’s usually more around 1 per week. Sometimes, if I have a really long work streak that spans over a week of nonstop working, then its a little less.

I was able to update on Wednesday but yesterday started a seven day straight work week so I won’t be able to get a new chapter out for another week. My readers are very unhappy with that but they are all sweet and can deal lol Plus, this next chapter I have to write is going to be the most devastating thing I’ve ever written so it’s going to take some time to get right lol


Wow, so many new, lovely people in this group! Welcome to all the newcomers! :slight_smile:

How’s everyone’s writing going today?


Hi. Happy Women’s Day! I am having a productive day. How are you?


Yes! Happy Women’s day to you, too! Oh, a productive writing day? That sounds wonderful! On your current story?

I’m good! I have work later which will take me away from the forums for pretty much the rest of the day since it’s an offsite show but I’m making do while I can lol

No writing for me today though. No, the next chapter I have to write is a devastating chapter and I will need to block out pretty much an entire day to write that without distractions lol


Yup, I am moving along nicely. I have several more chapters done, just fine tuning them.
I don’t mean to get too personal, but what kind of shows?
I’m still catching up on your stories, so I am not up to the chapter you are about to write. It sounds pretty intense though.
I don’t know if this is the place for it, but you asked for opinions on your new cover for Behind Closed Curtains. I really like the new one. It’s great. But I think I liked the old one better. Every time I saw the old one, I thought it had a really cool Agatha Christie feel to it. (I’m not sure if you like her books, but she is one of my favorites, so it is meant as a compliment!)


That’s awesome! I can’t wait to catch up!

I’m an actress and I do shows all around the state, but the one today is for a murder mystery show :slight_smile:

Oh really? That’s actually really good to know! Thank you for telling me this! When you say the old one, do you mean the read one with the big bold white letters across it and a woman in the background opened a curtain?


Yes, the one with the woman opening the curtain. I don’t know what it was about that cover, but I just thought of one of Christie’s books every time I looked at it. It had a simple, classic, sexy vibe to it.
Kind of funny that we are discussing Agatha Christie covers and you are doing a murder mystery show! That sounds really cool, by the way.


I thought the same thing! lol

Well, that you so much for the feedback! I will play with seeing if the numbers increase or decrease with this new cover and if so, I will change it back to the one you like :slight_smile: I really liked the one, too! I just was always wondering if it fit the story well enough since the story is a thriller.