Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


Both of them really are great, so I think you are safe either way. I just figured I throw in my two cents.


Yes and thank you for doing so! That older cover was always pretty eye-catching :slight_smile:

Good luck with your writing today! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Good luck with your show!


Hey Stuart! I am having a good Friday, what about you? :blush:


Happy Women’s Day to all the women on this thread! :blush: :heart:


Happy Women’s Day to you!


Thank You! How’s your day and writing going?


My day is going very well. My writing today was also great, but about to be interrupted by kids coming home! How about you?


My day is going very well. My writing isn’t going very well at the moment.


I’ve had a good one too thanks! I had a few friends over so they’ve just left so I’m chilling with a hot chocolate haha rock and roll lifestyle!


I want sommmme. :laughing:

Also side note - Chillin’ with Chocolate sounds like a great title for… something.


I have plenty left! Haha come get some! Hahaha yeah it definitely sounds like it :joy::joy:


Haha come to Scotland? yes please! :stuck_out_tongue:


You wouldn’t like it today, the rain is awful! And it’s cold haha


Aw, but I’m a pluviophile babeh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well in that case it’s perfect for you! Hahaha me not so much, I hate rain haha


Oh nooo, why you live in Scotland then? xD

You’re a romance writer? What kinda romance?


Cause I can’t afford to live anywhere else hahahahaha

Yeah! I mostly write romantic comedies! I can’t explain why, I just love them!


Fair enough.

Ooooh I love romcoms toooo. Are you working on anything now?


I finished my last story not too long ago so at the moment I’m just gathering ideas for my next one. I’ll hopefully start writing it next week though. I can plan as much as I want but my best ideas come after I’ve started haha

Are you writing just now?