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Oooh that’s exciting. I know what you mean though, it’s all vague nonsense until you get something down on the page. :smiley: What was the general idea if I might ask?

Yes, I just finished literally today my last chapter of my current WIP. Pretty exciting hehe.


That is so exciting! Congratulations! Finishing is an amazing feeling! What was it about?

The idea this time was to try something different, so I think I’m gonna write a millionaire/boss romance but this time the boss is the woman. I’ve never seen this done before so it sounds like it could be fun totally flipping the gender stereotypes. The jokes practically write themselves!


It was about a Victorian lady whose brother gets murdered, and she has to join up with this black magic crime investigator in order to solve the murder, and along the way they (of course) get into shenanigans and fall in love. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oooh nice! I have seen it before but it is really rare, Penny Reid has done a story about it called Marriage of Inconvenience, about a powerful female CEO and her bodyguard. :smiley: It’s a really fun twist, I like that!


That sounds like a great story! I’ll need to check it out!

It feels like it could be fun to write, being a guy myself, all my stories are written in male POV so I think it’ll be fun to see him fall in love with his boss and all that fun stuff we all love haha


Likewise! :smiley: You gotta PM me when you start posting it.

Oooh I see… Hmmm I do like male POV, I feel like it’s kind of intriguing and mysterious because it’s usually so unlike how I think about things. :smiley:


I certainly will do!

Yeah there isn’t many of them out there so I like offering a sort of different side to stories.


Mhm, I can see that. I’m excited to check out that Doctor Happy one, it looks fun. :smiley:


Thank you so much! It’s my favourite story I’ve done, probably cause it’s the first one I ever finished!


Thank you so much!! :heart: So glad you liked it!


I bet you’ll enjoy it! I’ve only read the summary to Doctor Happy so far, but if it’s anything like Notes From Last Night (I’m about halfway through that one currently) it’ll be a treat. True laugh-out-loud funny! :rofl:


Haha, I actually published another chapter today and it was probably one of the most crucial/sentimental chapters within the book, so it was kind of stressful to write o-o

But, I got some readers that are helping me with the plot and whatnot because it’s a romance story and I need to make it as realistic as possible to make it a good story :slight_smile:

School’s been weighing me down though, so…I can’t really focus on my story now :frowning:


I’m trying my best to describe or make it easier for the reader to imagine the plot but I sometimes struggle with the kind of chapters where they get intimate. For someone who’s mother tongue isn’t English :see_no_evil: its kind of hard. For that situation google transl. is my best friend but also my worst… :joy:


Oh sounds cool! Now I want hot chocolate as well. :joy:


Hey :slight_smile:


Hi. How are you?


I’m pretty good, just lazily working on a new story. What about you?


I was just editing my next chapter, kind of lazy over here too. I am really tired tonight, not sure why.


Oh sorry to hear that, how’s the editing going? I hate editing personally :sweat_smile:


Not too bad. I got on a roll over the weekend. I am just kind of sorting through everything I wrote. Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise when you go back and look. Other times I wonder if I was really the one that wrote it and wonder what I was thinking!


Fair enough lol, I’m definitely the type that looks back and wonders what I was thinking :slight_smile: