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Hahaha! Kind of scary, isn’t it? After I write a lot, I like to give it a day before I look and decide how it is. Thankfully, usually it’s good. But every so often…


Yea I usually take a week before I go back but yea it’s definitely scary sometimes lol


Really? You wait a week? I should probably wait more than a day. Then it would be like new eyes looking at it. I just can’t seem to hold myself off.


Yea but I try to avoid editing like the plague lol :slight_smile:


Ha! Gotcha.
I need to get back to your story. Sorry I got distracted with things. I will return to it soon!


Hi Lia :grin:
Hi @amys99999




How are you? Are you writing at the moment?


That’s fine I’m just hoping you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: how’s it going?


Not right now. I am going over my next chapter, tweeking and editing things. How about you? Are you getting any writing done tonight?


I’m doing good. I’m editing my story, lol


Oh good luck with that. Like I mentioned a few posts ago I hate editing lol :slight_smile:


Oh, nice. What sort of romance do you write?
I’m in the process of editing my second short story


I really am! It’s a very interesting story. I am curious to find out what happens with Fate.


Me too. I’m dyslexic so the process of editing is really tough for me, lol. I have to read everything over like at least 3 times… It’s so tedious.


Oh well it’s definitely going to be a journey. I just finished the last book of the series the other day so I’ll start posting that soon :slight_smile:


I am currently writing a dark romance. I have 12 chapters up so far and several more written. It’s going pretty well. I just keep going over it until I drive myself mad!


Guess I better catch up quick then!


Right, I think I remember you mentioning that, but I can only imagine how much more I’d hate editing if I had to go through that struggle. So you really are an inspiration to me :slight_smile: