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Lol. I wish I have more time to dedicate to a multi-chapter story… I only have one short, one-piece posted and working on another short piece…
So dark romance… Like a murder mystery/romance?


You have time don’t worry :slight_smile: the story aint going anywhere :slight_smile:


Very good to know!


Awe, Lia. You are so sweet. It’s hard but I have found a way to manage so it’s not so bad, lol. And what sort of romance do you write?


So how is the editing going? Are you making a lot of progress?


Well I’m glad you’ve found a way to manage :slight_smile: and basically trainwreck romance lol


No murder.
My main character is new to her town. She meets a man and marries him. It turns out he is an abusive, cruel man with secrets. He has his brother locked in the basement. The abused wife and imprisoned brother form a friendship that ends up being more.


I’m doing pretty well. I’m pretty much done for the night, can’t read it anymore! It is time to walk away from it I think.


Lol. I love a train wreck romance, haha.


Omg… Sounds so interesting…, and suspenseful… :hushed:


Yea I’m sort of at that point with my story to, I’m struggling to write at the moment, and I’m slightly worried about my story. :slight_smile:


Nice, I quite enjoy writing it because when I’m editing it sometimes I can’t even look away :slight_smile:


It’s been really fun to write. I am trying to make it suspenseful. I think I am doing a decent job so far. It still has a ways to go, but a good start.


That’s awesome. When you really enjoy writing is when you put out your best.


Worried? Is it not going well?


Yea that’s what I hope but I’m also aware they could very well be a trainwreck lol


I just don’t think there’s a strong conflict in it, all the problems are pretty simple fixes lol


That’s wonderful, Amy. I’m so glad you feel good about your story…
I find myself getting way too nervous before I post something, lol. I don’t know why… I try real hard not to get so anxious.


Yeah, but we are all our worst critic…


Hmmm…can you twist a problem, make it a bit more complex? Introduce a surprise character?