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That’s very true :slight_smile: but I’ve gotten more confident since I started :slight_smile:


Oh, I get nervous too! I don’t know why hitting that ‘publish’ button is so hard! I mean, you CAN take it down or change it. But hitting that button can be hard some days!


Omg, that’s exactly how I feel, lol.


I think it’s pretty common. I’ve learned to tell myself exactly that-- that I can change it or remove it if I decide I want to


That’s sort of what I’m trying but I’m keeping it as wholesome as I can, the problem is I’m working with kid characters, and it’s kind of like a farewell to the story series. So I’m trying to think of doing something with the kids. but I don’t know what, or I do but I’m not sure if it’ll play well.


Perhaps you could put your ideas in an outline… For me, that works to see how the different aspects of your story can be tied together.


Oh I see. Oooh, just saw the next comment. Maybe you should try an outline. Then put on various endings, see what you like.


Exactly. And what do you and @LiAWake think about sex in romance? I don’t write a sex scene… but I was told a lot of readers look for that in romance… ?


Well what I’m sort of thinking is using the kid, because I’ve set it up as the one kid being a sleep walker, so I was thinking of using that. I’ll see though :slight_smile:


I might again I might exploit the sleep walking kid a bit :slight_smile:


I think it depends on the story you are telling and if it fits. I have written sex scenes into all my stories.


I should clarify… I mean explicit sex scenes


Interesting. Try it. See if it works. Kids definitely sleep walk! I have one that roams all night!


It truly just depends on whether or not you feel like writing one. If it flows as a part of the story, then you can, but sex in a romance novel isn’t a requirement.


Umm I’m sorta 50/50 I’m willing to add them but I tend to lean toward more of the emotional sense of it but then again I enjoy a good train wreck and sometimes that’s where I’ll create a small derailment lol :slight_smile:


Hi. I totally agree with that statement. If it fits, it fits. There is nothing worse than an out of place, awkward scene.


Oh expicit, I’ve sorta teased it but I enjoy emotionally torturing my characters :slight_smile:


Then everyone covers there eyes and goes O.O


I agree to, I use it as a story element as much as I can but if it’s not needed then I just dont worry about it :slight_smile:


Hahahaha! Exactly!