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Lol. I like to emotionally torture my characters too :joy:




I don’t torture the characters with it. They just get down and get dirty when the time comes. No questions asked.


I have had times I wanted the characters to have sex, but it just doesn’t fit or feel right at all. Then other times, it seems like it wouldn’t work, but it does. I guess you just have to try and reread to see if you get the “oooooh” or the “eeeek!”


Ohhhh, hahaha.
I don’t torture them with sex… just with life stuff in general.
And honestly… I don’t know how to write sex scene without laughing…:joy:


Yea exactly sometimes its fun to just add some drama :slight_smile:


How about both…“oooh” and “eek”? :sweat_smile:


I tend to avoid stories where the characters are emotionally wounded or tortured. If they are ‘strong’ despite the hardships they go through, then that’s fine, but I prefer it if they have an attitude with a sense of humor about it.


Yeah, it never works to force it


Yea, that’s fair I think I’ve only gotten my characters to do the dirty once…sorta. Usually it doesn’t get very far but the emotions are there lol


I’m the same…
I don’t want hopeless. I prefer hopeful, haha


Yea I don’t torture them into it either, but there’s usually a twist that comes with the intimacy in my stories, and it’s usually a plot point to help move the dramaticness in a story :slight_smile:


Nope, and I try to avoid it as much as I can so when it does come up it has to be beneficial to the story :slight_smile:


Sometimes emotions are more powerful and more effective than the deed


Writing takes everything out of me but I can’t wait to read it!


Absolutely and besides everyone pretty much has a good idea about the physical aspect of the deed :slight_smile:


Writing takes a lot out of me as well so I understand the pain :slight_smile:


Writing can definitely be exhausting and draining! How are you?


I should hope so!


Lol well you never know :slight_smile: