Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


Ha! True


I’m having the same issue. I want to write a romance that’s on the pure side but I’m not sure. It’s going to be my biggest hurdle):


I’m doing great, thank you! Trying to stay creative and patient at the same time. Slow process.


I guess it’s all part of the process. It’s hard to stay patient sometimes though.


We can do this, lol :grin:

But seriously, my story is one short piece so it is easier to keep it pure. However, with a long novel, I supposed it can be harder. I think we just have to write what feels right for us…


Hey guys how is it going?


I don’t want people to read it because there is sex in it, I want them to read it for the story. But it is Romance…really tricky):


Hi. What’s up?


I’m just bored trying to figure out what to do. Just finished folding all the laundry.


I’m just trying to figure out how to redo my entire novel since people have been telling me the changing perspectives between my main people or characters in this case is confusing them. I’m sort of depressed about it right now and I haven’t much felt like writing today.
I guess it’s back to the drawing board again. And I’m going to have to try and keep it in one perspective.


Why do you have to change YOUR story though? Do you like the perspective changes? I personally love when people do perspective changes, I think it adds more dynamics to the story. Maybe the whole thing doesn’t need scrapped just a few parts to help the transition. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone :slight_smile:


Hey how are you? (Will answer in the morning it’s late here.)


Hey everyone :slight_smile:


I’m doing pretty good, just chillin and writing :slight_smile: How about you?


Just opened up my critique shop. So fingers crossed I don’t get too overwhelmed. I want to get some writing done today as well. Whew.


Oh nice that sounds exciting, and I’m sure you’ll be able to do some writing. :slight_smile:


What I really need to do is plotting. I’m dissapointed on how there are NO stories on here from the perspective of a navy wife dealing with deployments. So I’m trying to write one but I want it to be really good, so I should technically plan it out… but that involves work. I don’t know


That’s actually an interesting concept, I’m sure you’ll make it amazing :slight_smile:


Thank you. I just hope readers will like it. Maybe there’s a reason there isn’t a single one posted on wattpad XD