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Well you never know until your try, at the very least you have the satisfaction of being the first :slight_smile:



What about you though, what are your plans for the day?


Hi. I’m sorry to just butt in. I saw your post and wanted to say that I think it would make a very interesting story. I grew up next to an air force base. I went to school with many military families. I remember my friends’ reactions and changes in their lives when their parent was deployed. It is a very different and interesting life than most of us are used to.


I’m just starting a new rewrite, that I’m hoping to put on amazon eventually, but I also just finished a little short story here about an hour ago :slight_smile:


No worries, you are always welcome to butt in XD I think it’s an amazing storyline especially for romance, because you have to have so much love for someone to be able to handle that. I’m a Navy wife myself and enjoy reading loads of published books about it, so I was trying to find some on here and couldn’t find any. It’s hard when they come home from deployment. You fight, because you’ve gotten used to these new ways of living. Things don’t just mesh back together.


Awe that’s so awesome! Congrats. I need to rewrite like everyone on my profile but I’m trying to focus on getting my drafts all written so I don’t have any of those anymore. But that will probably never happen.


Yea I need to edit like all of my stories as well, because they are definitely demonstrations of me not knowing what I was doing lol :slight_smile:


I agree that it would make a great story. And I am sure it is very hard. I’m sure it takes a lot of patience and understanding to make things work. I really hope you go with it. I would love to read it!


I’ve got part of chapter one written. Currently working on another book as well that’s kind of a hard write for me as well. But I’m hoping to have it posted soon. Once I have the first few chapters written I’ll post it.


I believe that it would be easier to understand if it were put into separate chapters where the female main character a. k. a. me was centered around one chapter and then the male, Debrukaras, main character was set into the following chapter. Each chapter alternating perspective. I find that, for me personally, if readers are complaining about it repeatedly, then it might be a problem for other people to read it too. So, I’m working on making it clearer. It’s already been deleted and I’m revamping it entirely.


I understand. I have a Christmas novel that is written from the perspective of the main character and her secret admirer, so you don’t know his name until the end of the book, but every other chapter is written in his perspective. It was really fun to write like that.




I think that sounds like a wonderful story!


Hi, wish!


Hi there, how are you!?


Thank you so much <3


You’re so welcome! I’ll take a look at it. I’m actually writing right now. It’s finally flowing again. :smile:


That’s so good! I’m so glad it’s flowing for you.

If you are interested in taking a look at it, you’ll have to message me, I haven’t posted it yet, and probably won’t til I have a few chapters written. But I’m working on it right now so I can share it with people.


I’ve just posted the updated first chapter of my novel. I think it’s much better than the other version and this will be the permanent version that I upload to wattpad.


Yay!! That is the best feeling when you finally finish! <3